Lightning Talks

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Lightning Talks
Present your project in five minutes
Organizer Sven Guckes, zeltophil
DateTime Day 4 / Aug 13 @ 22:00
Duration 01:30
End 2011-08-13 22:00
Location Mojave

Lightning Talks will be held in the shelter for workshops on 13.08. at 22:00h (or maybe in one of the lecture shelters).

Horst Jens recorded the lightning talks (audio only). Thanks!



Contact: Anke aka zeltophil,

Description: Lightning Talks are 5-minute talks by *you*.

Other: Everyone can register for this until the list is full.

Content: Your talk can be about a program, a system, a technique, some hardware - or about a cool project, or some strange idea. You may also give us an idea about your real talk, announce your workshop or tell us about your booth. Or you could simply ask people to join you for some DOS attack of the next food store, announcing a key signing party, or maybe a *real* party. Whatever it is... be brief. Four minutes is all you get!


Please submit your proposal and slides/background graphic in an e-mail to:

Please do *not* register by changing the wiki page. Thanks!

We need the following information from you:

  1. Language: DE (Deutsch,German)/EN (English)/Other
  2. Title: What is your presentation called? (12 Words or Less)
  3. Slides: Please submit slides or a background graphic with your contact information in PDF or PNG format
  4. Keywords: (Optional, but helpful.)
  5. Abstract: What are you talking about or presenting? (300 Words or Less)
  6. Links/Other: Anything else you would like people to see


 # Language: English
 # Title: How to Present a Lightning Talk
 # Keywords: Lightning Talks, Presentation, Speaking, CCCamp2011
 # Slides: How To Give a Lightning Talk
 # Abstract: This talk will cover the very basics of giving a lightning talk
 # Links/Other:

How it Works

  1. Submit your talk in advance. You must submit your slides or background graphic in advance to guarantee a spot on the schedule.
    • Exceptions will be made only for top secret demos and specialized hardware which MUST have a VGA out ready to go. You must bring your own VGA adapter. There will be a hard cut after 4 minutes.
  2. Practice your talk with friends.
  3. Be present in the room 5 minutes before the session starts
  4. Introduce yourself to the moderator and sit in the front row
  5. When called, get on stage
  6. Adjust the microphone.
  7. Introduce yourself
  8. Check your slides or background graphic
    • Say who you are
    • Mention the title again.
  9. If you are using slides, say "next slide" when you want to advance your slide
  10. Speak clearly and loud.
    • Only say the most interesting stuff.
    • Say everything else on your webpage.
  11. When you hear the gong, say goodbye and leave the stage quickly.
  12. Be prepared to meet interested people after the session.
    • Have a flyer, handout and/or business card ready.
    • Get back to them during the congress.

If you are bringing your own display hardware

  • TODO: Find out what graphic inputs available
  • If you need to feed in some other type of signal (e.g. from a camera-to show small things (CVBS,S-video), an ultra new laptop which has only HDMI, some weird gaming console that you will crack (YUV), or whatever) bring a device which can really *convert* these signals.
    • Simple passive adapters mostly do not work (e.g. there are adapters from HDMI to DVI and from DVI to VGA, but with the you will *never* be able to convert a HDMI signal into VGA, without a real converter).
    • We will NOT have adapters available
    • You will have 30 seconds to get your display hardware working. If it does not, then we will proceed to the next talk.



  • There is no need to fill the available time.
  • There is no need for any catchy slides, a background graphic is fine.
  • Just be informative, be quick, be smart.
  • Tell people how to get involved and how they can contact you.
  • Add links to the description here in the wiki.
  • Add links to your contact info (ie a dect/phone number, and an email address).

Include the following things in your last slide:

  • Name
  • Contact (DECT, email, fon)
  • Links (project homepage)
  • Place of contact (village, …)


Time Presentation Title Language Abstract Keywords Presenter
22:00h Hacking All the way to China! Maker Carnival 2012 English Talks about upcoming Maker/Hacker's event in Beijing, April 2012 Maker Carnival, China, Hacking Event Hao Zhang
22:05h The Neo keyboard layout English The Neo layout is an optimized German keyboard layout. Neo, keyboard layout Benjamin Kellermann
22:10h Moleflap, the privacy-friendly Hackerspace lock English This talk will present an application, which handles access control to Hackerspaces anonymously doorlock, Hackerspace, privacy-friendly Benjamin Kellermann
22:15h DocMan - collaborative document management English Open Source Web Software for Dealing with Documents in a Group Timo Josten
22:20h Adhocspace English Two hackers are one hackspace - Talk about an approch to build up software supported adhoc hackspaces Hackspace frlan
22:25h Datenspuren 2011 English Promoting "Datenspuren 2011", a conference for endusers about anonymity, privacy and the rest Datenspuren koeart
22:30h Ubuntu for Mozambique English 5 minutes into the journey i made to mozambique where i got to install and teach ubuntu and prepare a room with 3 computers for a local community. Linux, Ubuntu, Africa, Mozambique, Open Source Hugo Gomes
22:35h Using Time-Loop-Logic to solve Computational Problems English Using Time-Travel Logic for High Speed Computing Time-Loop-Logic, Computers Jali
22:40h Capturing HTTP form submissions English A novel way to capture form data via malicious javascript, regardless of encryption Network security, MITM attack Casey Callendrello
22:45h SMS ticket parking hacking English 0-day presentation about SMS ticket parking hacking in Slovakia and Austria car parking SMS tickets hacking Pavol Lupták
22:50h OpenHardware & Free Software Reconfigurable Network Cameras English Elphel is an open hardware and Free Software camera designed by Elphel Inc. primarily for scientific applications, though due to its both open hardware and open source camera software, it can easily be customized for many different applications. Elphel, OpenHardware, camera, network, reconfigurable, FPGA, image processing, stereovision, panoramic, high speed Alexandre Polotorak
22:55h On Track of the Glory Mission English this is an announcement of the gloria open source satellite project initialized by spacebenefit. Aerosol, open source, cubesat, nasa, glory Sean Con
23:00h Amateurfunk Deutsch Amateurfunk allgemein und auf dem CCCamp2011 Stefan Gerdelbracht
23:05h Part-Time-Scientists-Moonmission of Nerds! English I am talking about PTS, the Googlelunarxprize and how we do a Moonmission. PTS, Moonmission, Googlelunarxprize Michael Mussler
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