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As each chaotic event the Chaos Communication Camp will not be possible without the help of many volunteers. You can be one of them. Whether it is laying cables, being the main coordinator for some part of the event we somehow forgot all about or emptying garbage cans: there are all sorts of things that we need help with in order to make the Camp go smoothly. Lots of volunteer work needs to be done before, during and after the event. Volunteering is actually a lot of fun as you will be working with other people who share your interests as well as learning a whole lot in the process and really feeling a part of the event.

Since almost everyone at these events is a volunteer in one way or another we can't let you in for free. But you will be doing important stuff, meet many interesting people and generally have a great time. Furthermore there will be a volunteer area with a small Hackcenter and everyone who helps significantly will be fed by the Catering Crew.

If you're interested in helping out, just check if you would like to be part of one of the following teams and have a look at their page to see how you can become part of them. If you would like to do something else or think we forgot about something send an e-mail to

Except where noted, no particular experience is required to be a volunteer.

[edit] Angel Shift System

The system is available at

Please chose your shift there and be around 10 minutes before there, especially for audio and video angels. In case you need help go to the Angel Area or contact one of the Arch Angels.

[edit] Special Tasks

We need some linux experienced nerd with some free time before the camp. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to migrate this thing into a mp3 jukebox. The basic idea would is to boot a cd with LinuxDC, and to mount some mp3 shares via smb or nfs. Please contact for further questions.

[edit] Volunteer Teams

If you are interested in joining a team please write an email to the coordinator or, if there is none, to Please put your name on the team's page (and link to your user page) also, so everybody can see which team is in need of more volunteers. Later on we might ask you to sign in on a volunteers system to arrange shifts within your team.

  • Audio/Video: This team ensures our cameras (video angels) and microphones (audio angels) in the lecture shelters are up and running.
  • Cabling: This team will roll out the cable infrastructure (power, network) before the event.
  • CERT: The Chaos Emergency Response Team is the medical and fire response team.
  • Conference: This team will help the speakers to find their way at the Camp and makes sure no talk has to be canceled due to missing speakers.
  • Crew Catering: This team is responsible for feeding the volunteers.
  • Entrance: This team greets everyone and is responsible for selling entrance tickets and checking pre-paid tickets.
  • Craftsmen: This team will build things with their hands. Like kiosk desks, tables and seats for any purpose.
  • Heralds: A herald is the main spokesperson in a conference room for a couple of hours, introduces the speakers and moderates the Q&A period.
  • Infopoint: This team provides all sorts of information, collects lost things and tries to help if someone has a problem.
  • Mediateam: This team is the interface for the media at the campsite. Furthermore it reports from the campsite to the people at the Camp, to hackers and media out there and documents what other media report about the Camp.
  • NOC-Helpdesk: This team will answer questions about the network and help in case of problems. It is the interface to the NOC.
  • Security: This team will solve problems and remind people of the rules we set at the camp.
  • Transport: This team transports people from Eberswalde train station to the Camp and back. We also need a stand-by driving service and to transport stuff before and after the Camp to various places.
  • Text: The camp guide wants to be filled with the "dos and donts" of the camp, the wiki still lacks information, press releases have to be written, and so on. So if you feel like you want to assist us in writing, in translating, or in proof reading our texts, especially if your mother tongue is english, this way, please.

Of course there are lots of task nobody thought about before they appear - so be prepared to be asked to do some work which just popped up.

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