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Name Transport
Coordinator fh

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[edit] Volunteers

If you want to shuttle people to and from the nearby trainstation or solve tricky tasks which involve driving please contact and add your name with a link to your user page below. Please add what licenses you have got and if you are willing to use your own car - fuel will be paid of course

  1. VT100 - Klasse 3 (BE, C1E, CE, MSL) - I'll only be available during build-up
  2. User:be.sva - Klasse B (Personenbeförderungsschein (Taxi) maybe i am allowed to drive cars with more than 9 seats)
  3. User:ausflug - Mietwagen Mercedes-Vito mit mir als Fahrer (9-Sitzer) fuer shuttle-Verkehr z.B. zur S-Bahn waere wie beim letzten Camp wieder moeglich bis bald Thomas
  4. fenkt - Klasse 3 Astra Kombi (Cabling/NOC-Helpdesk and driving are mutually exclusive)
  5. onlyK - Klasse 3; A4 kombi
  6. chaes - German license class 2+3 (BCE), preferably during build-up.

Please do NOT contact those volunteers directly for your private transportation needs. Thank you.

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