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Coordinator Sanifox
Location CERT Shelter

The C.E.R.T., Chaos Emergency Response Team, is the medical and fire response team of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). As the events of the CCC become larger and larger (with the last congress attracting about 3000 visitors), a first response team became necessary. The first idea was to create this team with members of the CCC. Since 1997 Fox (aka SaniFox) had been doing this alone, but because of the increasing number of medical emergencies, he decided in 2001 to this with a small team. At the 19C3, the C.E.R.T. was born.

Our main task is acting as the first response to medical emergencies. In addition to that we also do fire prevention, such as making sure that the emergency exits and escape routes are not blocked.

[edit] Volunteers

At the moment we are still a small team of paramedics and firefighters, but we are always looking for new members! If you are interested, please contact us! and add your name below.

  1. riot
  2. Inte
  3. Nick
  4. you?
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