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Name Heralds
Coordinator volty

Heralds are volunteers that provide a special service to the audience by being the main spokesperson in a conference area for a couple of hours. As all volunteers, they are technically a part of the Angel Organization so they can enjoy angel food and so on.

NEW: We have a Herald's Cheat-Sheet to print out with a basic checklist for Heralds.


[edit] Now hiring!

We are looking for people with good English skills that don't get shy in front of a huge crowd. You only speak German? Well, there are blocks of connected German sessions you could sign up for. You have never announced a session before? Great - there is always a first time and the Herald-experience is a takeaway for you for a lifetime! Afraid of making a mistake? It doesn't really matter! After all this is the Chaos Communication Camp.

We will have a first meeting at the camp site on August 7th to discuss your questions, share practical tips and anecdotes. This meeting will likely be synched with a general volunteer meeting, the precise time will be announced here. Missed the meeting? No worries, just call volty at DECT 4335 to synch up. If you have no DECT phone, someone will surely let you use theirs, or ask at the Infotresen.

[edit] What does it take?

The herald's first duty is to take care of the lecture area and the speaker. Be always friendly and pragmatic, even if a speaker is not easy to deal with. Lay aside personal issues or disagreements you might have with the speaker or session content - treat them as your guest.

  • Prepare a short introduction of the speakers and session (see the schedule and speaker page for content). Your announcement can be as short or long as you wish; at the very least mention the speaker's name and topic. Be creative, but don't overdo it.
  • Ensure sufficient water supply for the speaker. Beware of sparkling/nonsparkling water.
  • Know which session and speakers come next, meet with the speaker a few minutes in advance and discusses their individual needs and wishes. That includes how they wish to be introduced, who will give them timeout-indications and so on.
  • Introduce the speaker and stick around in case something goes wrong - e.g. if the speaker needs assistance with technical or organizational things.
  • Follow the presentation to make sure you detect trouble before it arises. Be the first to react and take care of any problem. For example, if you notice the sound quality decrease contact the audio angel, or if you notice that the microphone moves off the speaker's head slowly but surely, you should walk up and correct it before nobody can hear the speaker anymore.
  • If you want you can also moderate the Q&A-section of your sessions, but usually the speakers can do that by themselves and you should also clarify this question with the speaker before the session starts.
  • Just make sure everything goes smoothly. Pen and paper can help keeping all facts together - and keep a current copy of the Fahrplan! :-)

[edit] Before your shift starts

  • know the other Chaos Angels that are assigned to your shelter
  • familiarize yourself with the technical equipment
  • Introduce yourself to the speaker a few minutes in advance; help him set up his equipment (there are audio and video angels who can take care of technical problems)

[edit] So you want to be a herald?

Great! Please add your name below (with a link to your user page if you have one) and schedule a few blocks for you in the table below! Contact volty for assistance or questions.

  1. volty
  2. Joh@nnes / (H.C.)
  3. dcoy
  4. Frank0 2864
  5. thilo 3833 ("dude")
  6. ...you?

[edit] Schedule

You can take a look at the Fahrplan, the event's schedule. Announced sessions take place in two shelters: Shelter Foo and Shelter Bar, and you can register in the below table for shifts.

[edit] Use Angel System for scheduling

NEW: If you did't already, please create an account for you on the Angel System at, and once logged in, send a message to volty to tell him you're a herald (or just call him at 4335). Please enlist your DECT or GSM so we can reach you if the verpeilungsfaktor hits. Once you are approved as Herald, you can register free Herald shifts for you on the angel system directly.

IMPORTANT: We want to try and avoid 1h-shifts, as switching responsibilities too often would be less than ideal for the job of a herald. So please schedule 2 or 3 blocks in a row (30min pause between two 1h blocks). Avoid fragmentation by creating isolated, unoccupied blocks.

[edit] Manual shift table

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS TABLE as the primary means of scheduling shifts. Use the Angel System instead. If you have no permissions in the angel system, please register an account and send a message to volty, using the angel system. The below table will be out of synch at most times. Please only add yourself to the table if for some reason the angel system does not work.

Time, Date, Location Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Foo Bar Foo Bar Foo Bar Foo Bar Foo Bar
11:00 not needed FrankO PassWortVergessenHabenderDcoy volty // FrankO ? ?
12:30 joh@nnes volty FrankO PassWortVergessenHabenderDcoy FrankO volty FrankO ? ?
14:00 joh@nnes volty joh@nnes volty Frank0 Kate ? not needed
15:30 joh@nnes volty joh@nnes volty User:thilo Kate ? ?
17:00 FrankO volty Brian User:thilo User:thilo joh@nnes ? User:thilo
18:30 FrankO thilo Brian User:thilo User:thilo joh@nnes ?
20:00 thilo joh@nnes volty mh ? ? User:thilo
21:30 thilo joh@nnes mh kate User:thilo ? User:thilo
23:00 thilo volty User:thilo User:thilo ? ?
00:30 thilo User:thilo (Does Powerpoint Karaoke need a herald at all? --thilo) ?
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