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Name Crew Catering
Location Heaven (volunteer area)
Phone food

Good food makes hard working people happy.


[edit] Kitchen and Equipment

At August 1st we will build an outdoor kitchen with

  • sink
  • gas stove
  • refrigerator
  • dish washing facilities
  • tables for preparing and serving food
  • anything missing?

We will bring kitchen equipment like pots, pans, eggbeaters, soup ladles, chopping boards from the CCCB and French press coffee makers from the CCCHH. If someone can bring more equipment, please do so. The volunteers bring (and clean) their own dishes and cutlery.

[edit] Menu

Actually the catering crew decides on its own how that all happens and if there will be breakfast and fruits or three-course meals.

At the last Camp the volunteers organized for themself

  • hot tea and coffee
  • fruits
  • muesli and cereals
  • continental breakfast
  • occasional vodka watermelons

It would be extremely cool to have more lunch and dinner style food for the volunteers. Like soup or spaghetti or salad.

[edit] Time Table Food

  • 10.00-17.00 Breakfast
  • 17.00-19.00 Closed for dinner (look in the "white one" for bread)
  • 19.00-24.00 Dinner (If you can't make it call "FOOD" and we help you)
  • 24.00 Letzte Runde fur Engel in arbeit ("open source food" for the rest on the table)

[edit] Organization

At the five camp days there might be up to 150 people who volunteer but there are lots of possibilities to buy food also. During buildup and dismantling there are much fewer people but they will rely more on the crew catering as most of them work all day and have no time or energy to prepare their own food.

Every evening we see how many people want to volunteer to what extend the next day. There will be a fixed sum of money per volunteer which the catering crew can spend for food. The groceries can be ordered from a big supermarket nearby and will be delivered next morning.

[edit] Volunteers

If you want to cook for your fellow volunteers please contact and add your name with a link to your user page and the time you plan to help at the camp below. (Setup starts Aug 1st and we leave the campsite at Aug 17th.)

  1. Martl (online from August 7th, ca. 6pm until 12th, ca. 3pm)
  2. Stefan
  3. Krugger (reinforced by people from CampoTuga)
  4. Prleu (from CampoTuga, 7th-13th)
  5. luznegra (from CampoTuga, 7th-13th)
  6. Phoenix (August 1st-7th, some days)
  7. Pieth (of course ;-), ca. 6th - 14th)
  8. Topina (4th ~ 10th)
  9. okkie (4 of august until the 12th)
  10. Nadine August 7th-12th, I won't have too much time at the 7th and the 12th, but in between
  11. knuff August 6th-13th :)
  12. Raffizack (August 6th-12th)
  13. you?

[edit] Thank you

I want to thank you for the high quality food :-). I expected tin-food and got tomato soup made of a big pile of fresh (!) tomatoes. I expected dried cheese and I got hand-rubbed fresh cheese. You were gorgeous! yankee 12:02, 14 August 2007 (CEST)

Adding my thanks. We love you. Ohne Euch geht nix! Moem 15:13, 16 August 2007 (CEST)

I thank the whole team for making the "Food Operation Center" happen. Without Okkie, Nadine, Martl, Raffizack, Pieth, Uschebit and all the others it would have been just half of the fun and success. Inspired by the camp and your feedback we decided to continue with food compiling lectures for chaos angels. A website for "food hacking" will be set up soon. Stay tuned and donĀ“t forget to applicate for the chaos congress in December! onlyK 2007-08-15

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