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Name NOC-Helpdesk
Coordinator ichdasich
Location Hackcenter
Phone 1212 662


[edit] Introduction

In case of any network emergency, network outage or question, contact the NOC-Helpdesk! The helpdesk geeks have the tools and knowledge to help you with everything network-related, and they act as the one and only proxy to the NOC, so they are the first who know what is going on if there is any trouble.

[edit] How do I get a fixed IP?

The Helpdesk has Peg-DHCP prepared at the Hackcenter. If you want to get a fixed IP remember the name of the closest datenklo you want to connect to and go to the Hackcenter to get your peg.

[edit] My cable is still not plugged in?

The Helpdesk will check about once every 2 hours all Datenklos to plug in cables that are placed in fromt of it. Don't worry, you will be connected as soon as possible.

[edit] Volunteers

You should bring some basic understanding of network issues. Please contact ichdasich and add your name below.

It should be noted that there are tasks for the NOC helpdesk team before the Camp begins: helping the NOC to set up the infrastructure, getting to know the network setup and setting up the NOC helpdesk itself. So arriving early is a good thing to do.

  1. andnie
  2. anuron
  3. bln.bine
  4. blubberdiblub (at the campsite since 1st of Aug)
  5. carol (fr. 3rd)
  6. deborah
  7. fenkt
  8. Flatline
  9. hoppel (eventually)
  10. independence
  11. jiska
  12. jonsnow (eventually)
  13. Loo Cypher
  14. Robinayor_
  15. Sidolin (5th late)
  16. Stoneshop (early)
  17. sur5r
  18. szara
  19. wollviech
  20. yankee (Build-up. During camp I am probably at the Conference team, since they still do not have anyone but me)

[edit] HelpDesk-Mobil

Im HelpDesk-Mobil ist der HelpDeskler mobil! Due to the size of the campground, i'd like to have some bikes around. There is the possibility to rent some for about 22Euros/the whole camp, but it might be much cheaper to just bring some to the campsite... so... is there anybody in the helpdesk, who would like to bring a bike to the camp?

If the space situation in my car permits it, i might be able to organize one or two bikes. (abandoned ones, but ok for campsite commute)

Just came back from my workplace, took a closer look and noticed that those bikes are f*** beyond repair.:( Sorry but it didn't work like i expected.

Sounds good. Looking forward to those bikes...

i will come by bike, anyway. feel free to use it. -- Loo Cypher

[edit] Things to Buy

There are several things we need. It would be great, if we could find at least someone to bring this stuff:

- atm nothing

[edit] Helpdesk Village

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