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Name Mediateam
Coordinator 46halbe
Phone 4612


[edit] Volunteers

If you want to assist us with the media-coverage of the camp or want to contribute content for our own news covering the camp please contact and add your name with a link to your user page below. We also need photos with a free license that we can give away to the print and online press.

[edit] Media Coverage

Want to help us collecting on- and offline press coverage of the camp? Great!

[edit] Infosystem

We plan to publish articles, video snippets, pictures and similar media via our public weblog.

[edit] Participants

  1. 46halbe (coordinator)
  2. rübezahl (photography, writing articles'n stuff)
  3. Sebastian (will try to make some photos and videos, got equip)
  4. Saerdnaer
  5. cosmo (additional photos)
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