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Name Cabling
Coordinator Sebastian
Location everywhere
Phone DECT:6664

The task of the cable team is to find the best route for network cables considering the following options:

  • shortest path
  • safest path
  • least amount of effort :)

while ofcourse still following the network plan :)

This can involve: tree climbing, digging, finding ways to pull fibre through and over existing constructions. While ofcourse keeping the fibre intact :)

So if you want help out, add your name here. and if you arrive early, the better :) (laying cables when the camp has already started is a bit late :)

If you want to join when you're on site. please come look for Sebastian or call 6664, he'll there from the evening of 02-08-07.


[edit] Volunteers

If you want to join the cabling team please contact and add your name with a link to your user page below.

Name Arrival Departure availability
jonsnow 02/08 14/08
Sebastian 02/08 13/08 building + when needed
fenkt 05/08 13/08
OnlyK 05/08 13/08
Stoneshop 01/08 or 02/08 13/08 RJ45 crimptool + cable-tester + other tools
riot 03/08 14/08 building + when needed
leon 03/08 14/08 building + when needed
Shnifti 03/08  ? building + when needed
sxpert somewhere between 2 and 3 /08  ? building + teardown, possibly assisting others on arrival
Askarel 2007-08-05 or 06 2007-08-13 or 14 building + when needed
Alex Le Heux 2007-07-05 *late* Whenever anything
s25 07/08 15/08 Building, teardown, Will help however I can
]V[ 06/08/05 12/08/05 rj45 Crimp tool, tester, NO rj45 PLUGS, buildup.. leaving early 12/8

[edit] Tasks

[edit] Buildup

The cabling tasks can be roughly divided in four parts:

  • The uplink from Berlin to the campsite. A sponsor has been found for this
  • this will largely be taken care of, except for a ' last mile' (which is less then a mile :)
  • Big links between the NOC and a few distribution points. This will be a pretty sturdy outdoor fiber with several strands that still needs to be cut to length and have SC/PC connectors attached
  • Links from these sites to various Datenklos out in the fields. This may be more vulnerable fiber but also copper, depending on the situation
  • Links from the edge switches to visitors' tents. Copper as well, so bring a crimptool!
  • Participants will take care of this temselves.

[edit] Teardown

Basically the previous, only in reverse order. Roll all the fiber neatly back on the rolls it came from, put the caps back on the connectors.

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