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The 31C3 Wiki is online: Get ready and contribute!

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Nearly exactly a year back we also went public with the conference website: our wiki, that serves as the main hub for the whole community driven and decentral approach of running the congress. We are using again some semantic forms to gather the various activities provided by all of you. Thanks that we all together make this happen!

So please go ahead and plan your travel and accommodation, check out the FAQ for an overview on all the information provided and you might also wanna have a look at the how-to-survive-guide.

Just like last year, our venue will be the CCH in Hamburg. and it will be filled up again by your awesome projects organized and accessible via your assemblies.

The wiki is always a work in progess, which you can be part of: Sign-up and contribute in various ways by improving its content. You have any addition or you found any error? Don’t hesitate to change them directly! When you come across a locked page or have further questions please contact us, we will do our best to help you.

Capture the Flag

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Dear Congress Visitors!

You’re tired of running around the Congress on the Schnitzeljagd (sounds like it’s fun!) or didn’t get a place? You’re like knocking your head on problems? Then we might offer something interesting for you!

Grab a few friends and join our capture the flag competition. These so called CTFs are hacking competitions in which participants solve various challenges – all based around gaining access to remote machines by exploiting vulnerable binaries, solving mathematical problems and completing various other tasks. This CTF will be run in “Jeopardy” style, i.e. challenges can be solved independently and are divided into categories. Each solved challenge gains your team points based on its difficulty. You will be able to track your and other team’s progress on a publicly visible scoreboard.

The CTF will start on day 1 (december 27th) at 20:00 CET (that’s 19:00 UTC) and lasts for 48 hours. The registration will be open before and during the competition, so anyone can join in late. In line with the usual motto Congress Everywhere, teams are able to participate remotely. Even if you never played in a CTF before, don’t hesitate to take part!

If you still have any questions, you can meet the CTF organizers at their Assembly.

Good luck and have fun!

Chaospatinnen – Mentoring for people visiting the Congress for the first time #30C3

Monday, November 25th, 2013

English version below

Liebe am 30C3 interessierten Menschen, Außerirdische, Nerds und N00bs,

Du interessierst dich für Computer, Technik, Hacken und Netzpolitik? Du würdest gerne am 30C3 teilnehmen, weißt aber nicht genau, an wen du dich wenden kannst oder hast dich bisher noch nicht so richtig getraut? Du denkst, du bist eigentlich gar kein richtiger Hacker oder Programmiererin und hast Bedenken, ob du so gut zum 30C3 passt? Du würdest aber gerne lernen, wie man lötet, Roboter baut, programmiert, verschlüsselt oder Schlösser knackt?

Dann fühl dich herzlich willkommen auf dem Chaos Communication Congress und bei den Chaospatinnen! Du bist hier genau richtig. Wir möchten dich dazu ermuntern, dieses Jahr am 30C3 teilzunehmen und wollen dir dabei helfen, einen spannenden und schönen Aufenthalt zu haben. Eine oder einer unserer PatInnen wird dich an deinem ersten Tag willkommen heißen und dir das Gelände zeigen. Gemeinsam finden wir raus, wo es für dich interessante Workshops und Talks gibt und natürlich wo du Mate herbekommst. Einmal am Tag treffen sich die PatInnen und “Patenkinder” miteinander, wo sie sich gegenseitig kennenlernen und sich über den Congress, tolle Talks und ihre Interessen austauschen können. Auch im Vorfeld sind wir Ansprechpartnerinnen für deine Fragen. Egal, ob es dabei um generelle Unklarheiten, oder um deine Sorgen, Bedürfnisse oder Wünsche geht. Schick einfach eine Mail an chaospatinnen (at) und schreib uns, für welche Themen Du Dich interessierst, damit wir direkt Kontakt mit dir aufnehmen können. Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Wir wollen insbesondere Mädchen und Frauen dazu ermutigen, den 30C3 zu besuchen. Natürlich ist unser Angebot aber offen für alle.

Wir freuen uns auf dich!
Die Chaospatinnen

Link zum Projekt:

english version:

To all those interested in participating at the Congress for the first time

You are interested in technology, computers or net politics? However, you doubt whether you would fit into the Chaos Communication Congress, since you are neither a programmer nor an experienced hacker? But yet, you would love to learn about hacking, soldering, encryption, lockpicking or robots? 

Then you are more than welcome at the Chaos Communication Congress! We are convinced that this is just the right place for you and would like to encourage you to attend 30C3. Therefore we founded the Chaos Mentors. Feel free to contact us – we will welcome you on your first day and take you on a guided tour across the Congress area. Your mentor will assist you in finding workshops and talks that match your interests. You will also have the chance to meet other people who are visiting the Congress for the first time once a day in the Mentor Meeting. There we can chat about cool things we saw and interesting talks we want to visit.

During the congress, and beforehand, you can contact us in case you have any questions, concerns or needs. Write us an email at chaospatinnen (at) and tell us something about you and what your fields of interests are, so that one of our mentors can contact you directly.

We would like to encourage women and girls that are attending the Chaos Communication Congress for the first time, but of course we are open to everyone.

We are looking forward to you!

the Chaos Mentors

Link to the project:

Mit der Bahn zum Congress / Take the train to the Congress

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
Symbolbild à la Bahn: Hacker auf dem Weg zum Congress

Symbolbild à la Bahn: Hacker auf dem Weg zum Congress

Wie in den letzten Jahren, bietet die Deutsche Bahn zum Congress wieder ein spezielles Veranstaltungsticket an. Im Gegensatz zu den Jahren zuvor ist der Mindestpreis jedoch von 89,00 Euro auf 99,00 Euro gestiegen – einen Rabatt für die Onlinebuchung gibt es leider nicht mehr.

Alle Informationen zum Ticket und zur Buchung des Tickets finden sich im Wiki.

Außerdem gibt es im Wiki eine ausführliche Liste an Hotels und anderen Unterkünften: Einige Hotels bspw. das Generator Hostel und das A&O-Hostel bieten sogar spezielle Raten für die Congresszeit an.

As in previous years, the german railway company (Deutsche Bahn) is offering a special ticket for your travel to the Congress. But opposed to the last years, the cheapest fare has been changed from 89,00 to 99,00 Euro – there is no more discount for booking the ticket online.

All further information regarding this special offer and how to book it can be found in the Wiki.

Furthermore, an extensive list of hotels and other accommodations can also be found in the wiki: Some hotels like the Generator Hostel and the A&O-Hostel even offer a special rate for stays during the congress.

The 30C3 wiki is online: Travel, venue and accommodation information published

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

It’s getting colder outside, and the summer is long gone. There are only a few months left before the next congress starts. So for us, it is time for us to start preparing congress and for you it might be the time to start planning your trip. To assist you with your planning, there is the congress wiki!.

For now its focus is providing information for your personal preperation:

As we are still working on the structure of the wiki, it is not yet possible to sign up – that will change within the next weeks. Once everything is prepared, we will provide you the same features as last year. We will allow you to register and thus present your own projects, you can also register assemblies with your peer group, and you can announce hacktivities that are scheduled in a global calendar within the wiki. The latter is our new word for the former “workshops” as the term isn’t doing justice to the variety of workshops and hands-on-events, meetings and gaterings, small scale talks, contests, filmscreenings, art events and other activities that are contributed by all our participants during the congress, besides the “big talks” in the main halls. As last year it’s up to you to organize and schedule the hacktivities – autonomous and decentral.

So even if the Wiki is not yet fully functional, we like to encourage you to start planning the projects you want to do and represent, the assemblies you want to form and hacktivities you want to run during congress.

If you have any additions for the wiki or if you find any errors don’t hesitate to contact us, we will add your edits meanwhile until the logins are possible.

SIGINT 2013: Call for Participation

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

July 5th-7th, KOMED im Mediapark, Cologne, Germany


SIGINT is an annual hacker conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club. It features talks covering both technical and social aspects of our digital society.

VOLUNTEERS For SIGINT to be as great as always, we need your help. First and foremost, we need eager volunteers to help on-site with the intricate details of organizing a conference for hundreds of people. Please register as a volunteer as soon as we have the registration online.

ARTS AND PROJECTS Asides from helping us having everything run smoothly, we’d gladly accept any kind of project that can be built upon our conference infrastructure. Do you have a cool project you want to show off? Great! You’re just dying to have a venue to try out your fancy new art installation? Cool! Drop us a line at sigint-content(at) and we’ll see if we can sort it out.

TALKS As a community-organized conference, we want to offer you the best lectures you can get. For this, we need your talk submissions—we’re offering one-hour slots (including Q&A), and your talk will be recorded and put online after the conference. Unless you opt out, of course.

If you think you have a great talk that other hackers should listen to, great! Just submit it at our talk submission site!

In case you’re undecided on whether your talk is appropriate, here’s a list of things we are interested in:
Anything that is related to these topics or close enough is welcome too!

  • Signals intelligence and surveillance techniques, e.g. digital wiretapping, deep packet inspection, etc.
  • Mobile device hacking and telecommunications security and exploiting weaknesses in mobile app ecosystems
  • Network neutrality, i.e. the ownership, censorship, circumvention and the politics of de facto standards
  • Programming languages, the state of the art and research as well as interesting new or old applications
  • Privacy in the age of big data, ensuring it via policy or technical means, ethical considerations, etc.
  • (Post-)Privacy, conflict between the desires of an individual and the public regarding social networks and public spaces
  • Alternative worlds, communities in the deep web, augmented reality, hackerspaces and other environments
  • Storming the clouds, hacking, breaking, exploiting and securing cloud-based computing and storage ideas
  • Transparency and participation in politics and governance, sousveillance, open data and its applications
  • Physical hacking, making and fabbing, lockpicking, electronics and hardwarde design, artistic expression
  • Painting it green, concepts for reducing the ecological footprint our urban lifestyle has on the planet
  • Automation, labor market, terms of employment and future chances

As mentioned before, the above list is meant as an inspiration, and not a restriction. It is neither exhaustive nor complete.
All talk submissions will be reviewed and a benevolent selection of talks will try to represent the broadest possible spectrum to the best of our abilities.


29C3 Party Mode

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

After PartyWe already told you about talks, workshops and assemblies at 29C3, but it seems we didn’t talk about parties by now. So it’s about time to do so.

On location we will have two main spots. There will be a tent in front of CCH with DJs and live sets. Music will be on from 4 pm to 6 am every day. Since smoking won’t be allowed at all inside CCH the tent will also be a place where people are allowed to ruin their health. The second spot will be a chillout area at top level of CCH which we call Ten Forward. This one will have relaxed sounds – both, electronic and accoustic sets.

At 30th of December right after the last talk we will have an After Party at a very cool spot called Universum Alltona, starting at 8 pm. Join your fellow raving hackers and enjoy some wicked sets from Dr. Motte, Fannie Mae & Carsten Plug, Neal White and David & Klein. There will be food, drinks and also an ambient floor. People with a 4-day-pass will get free entry. The Universum can be found at Amalia-Rodrigues-Weg 6, S-Bahn station Diebsteich just 3 stops away into direction Elbgaustraße. As a goody we will also offer an old American school bus as a convenient shuttle between CCH and Universum from 7:30 to 12 pm for free.

For people heading to Berlin right after 29C3 our friends at c-base are also going to have a party as usual.

Online Ticket Sale is Closing Soon

Friday, December 7th, 2012

If you want to buy a ticket from our online ticket sale, do it now!

We’ll close on  December 10th 2012, 23:59:59 CET. 

We’re doing this in order to grant each of you 2 weeks for making the payment. Probably there will be tickets for sale on site on 29C3, but be warned – we do not promise yet.

Finish your assembly until sunday!

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

The congress is coming closer. The next stage will be the placement of the assemblies. So please make sure that you have set up your assembly nicely until Sunday, 2nd of december:

  • complete all the information in the form, so everyone can get an overview of your assembly
  • in the “free text” field you can add pictures and other formats as well. Give an impression of your projects, the whole assembly and the people behind it. The “free text” will be the body of your page.
  • Make it clear if you’re planning workshops on site. If so, please update the information about them.

Last but not least: Choose an area for your assembly, if you wish:

You will find a new field in the assembly form, that is called “area”. You can choose your prefered location inside the CCH and give us some notes on criterea that are important for your assembly space. We will take your wishes into account, but can’t guarantee that you will end up there. So please make sure you have a look at the final plans before setting up your stuff. To get an overview on the new venue and it’s possibilities please visit the wiki page describing the areas for assemblies.

Workshops – and all other events besides the main talks

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Congress is made by you! Please add your workshop. A “workshop” is just something, that happens at a special time and place, but not in one of the big halls.

As you may have read in the blogpost on assemblies this congress will be even more community driven than it used to be. One step towards this is allowing you to hold your own sessions on whatever topic you think is important. We kindly ask you to prepare “workshops”.

That does not mean, that it has to be something with hands-on and making – sure it could be! But workshops can also be a gathering of a project group or discussing a special topic. They can be contests or games, activies outside of the building or even small talks, a follow-up-discussion on one of the “big talks” or any other topic that happened rencently – or something completely different that you think deserves a place at the congress!

This year we will generate one big schedule of all those events, so that you can see everything that happens on one page. This is done using the semantic features of the wiki – so it is very important that you use the forms properly when you add your workshop.

For workshops we will have four fixed places, and maybe some more dynamic space at your assembly. The rooms are:
* workshop 12, with 60 square meters
* workshop 13, with 78 square meters
* workshop 14, with 60 square meters
* and the speaker’s corner, that is an open space close to hall 1 and the main foyer.

Please refer also to the wikipage to find more details on how to add your workshop.