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If you are still looking for a ticket you can plead your case below and maybe find someone who has a spare one.
This is purely for spare tickets between people.

Don't offer more for a ticket than the owner paid so everybody has a chance.

You didn't get a ticket but already booked a Hotel/Hostel? You may be interested in Hotel Exchange.


Attention: Beware of ticket fraud

Do not buy tickets from unknown sources. There have been multiple reports of fraud. Only buy from people you personally know and trust.

The presale team does not support private ticket sales – please don't contact them, instead just hand over ticket URLs or the ticket files.

Ticket offers


Name Contact Amount Comment
soohrt ccc@soohrt.org 1x270,- 1 Supporter 270 ticket for sale. SEPA, BTC

Ticket requests

DO NOT PLEAD MORE THAN THE OFFICIAL PRICES HERE! Please read https://tickets.events.ccc.de/36C3/ and Tickets for original prices, ticket names and additional information.

Name Contact Amount Comment
jenne llenita at posteo.de 2 Tickets 2 wannabe angels looking for exchange on border issues
ika ikaikaika@posteo.me 1 Ticket Sadly i was too slow this time. Next time i will be an angel <(^_^)>
Moritz Twitter:@kopfmensch72 or email 1 Ticket I'm 20 years old and last year was my first congress and I loved it. I also liked helping as an Engel a lot and I got a voucher (and a TShirt). I bought a ticket with the voucher code and I didn't pick paying with credit card because there was said that it would cost the orga team extra money. But the problem is that my mental health isn't the best and depression hit me very hard the last weeks. So I wasn't able to make the money transfer in time or to take part in the regular sale for all. And now I have no ticket but I have friends with tickets and they still don't now that I didn't get one in the end... So yeah, I would be very happy if someone has a ticket to offer. (I still have the mail with the ticket voucher and so on if anyone wants proof that I'm not lying.)
Stefan unknown_sink@pm.me 1 Ticket Looking for one ticket for my favorite congress - been there the last two years and would love to be at the 36C3, alas no luck at the sale queue.
Stefanie fm-sm2547@noinfo.de 2 Tickets No way to get tickets through regular ticket sale with reflexes slow as a sloth :( Never been to the congress but finally want to.
Markus_do Email or markus_do 1 Ticket A friend of mine is already attending and I have to join him.
Hiro [Silvia] emailme 1 Ticket Looking for 1 ticket.
Andi & Seb 36c3tix@mailbox.org 2 Ticket

1 Ticket

Update: got 1 ticket through the community, so just 1 more ticket needed. Please help Andi and me to visit the Congress together.

2 nerds from Nürnberg would like to visit the C3 for the first time. Unfortunetaly, we were not so lucky as to get a ticket during presale :/

Also we would like to scout the event to check if it would be suitable for a 4year old next year :)

Sara nisamjelensara@gmail.com 1 Ticket I've been following the CCC for a couple of years now and never managed to grab a ticket! I'm looking for 1 ticket, I have already booked a flight and a hotel so please help me get the ticket so I can finally meet the community and make new friends. :) I will pay via Paypal and I will get you all the beer you could want and probably some bad jokes, but we can discuss that more.
Chris ccc-ticket@1125.io 1 Ticket Been watching the talks for years and now want to get there myself. My peers go there as well, because they "know people", but sadly there was no ticket left for me. Can pay via Paypal, SEPA and cash in/around Berlin.
james park Twitter:@redscv95 or redscv318@gmail.com 1 Ticket I want to get a ticket. I couldn't buy it at the presales. I get it in a short time. Thank you.
nyhxnyhx Twitter:@nochurday or email 1 Ticket Just found out about the CCC through fellow student friends and wanna make this my first time and enter the community <3
hypo Twitter / Keybase / E-Mail 1 or more tickets I had planned to visit the congress to improve the accessibility situation in public transport with open data. Can you help me by selling me one or more (supporter) tickets? I'm reachable on all of the channels listed on keybase which you can also use to verify my identity. If you want to sell more tickets I'd give them to other people who support social causes
Robert mail 1 Ticket I didn't had any luck with presales and hope to to reconnect with all thewonderful people.
kaos.dll Twitter:@hkp_rc or email 1 Ticket first time visitor and wannabe angel at the congress.
spycrab0 Twitter:@spycrab0 or email 1 Ticket Sadly didn't have any luck at any of the presales :/
HeroBird email 1-2 Ticket(s) Please make this my first ever CCC! *_* Unfortunately didn't make it through the ticket sale successfully. Also looking for a friend with whom I'd like to go there.
Ronen Email: razdaz77 at gmail 1 or 2 Tickets All I can say is this: If you give me a ticket, I'll drown you with beer until you couldn't see straight... :)
flatline Email: 36c3 at amoritzbellach.de 2 Tickets My girlfriend and me are looking for Tickets.
Hauke @welphauke 1 Ticket Hello, I am searching for one ticket, please text me on twitter.
Cloudocalypse @cloudocalypse 1 Ticket I already have my wife's permission to go, hotel paid for.. My Twitter DMs are open. Please.
Laura @Imkerin1 1 Ticket My sister, brother in law and me would like to go to the 36C3 but we miss one ticket :(. Would be awesome if you can help us.
timc tim@xpl.pw 1 ticket Looking for one ticket to attend congress for the first time. Watched the CCC video archive since 32c3 and been attracted to the congress. This year finally have opportunity attend it on site, hoping that 3rd round or someone are able to help me to get a ticket.
Assaf @assafms 2 ticket A group of 5 coming all the way from Israel,this is our 4th year in the conference. unfortunately we have only 3 tickets and in a position of all or noting .
fieliapm @fieliapm 1 ticket A group of developers from Taiwan, currently need 1 ticket for some newbie group members interested in the culture of CCC. We have already reserved hotels and flights.
Monokles 36c3ticketexchange@ᐃ.tv 1 ticket Managed to only get one ticket for my girlfriend during voucher phase, but still need one for myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Michael Email or @mikadata 1 I am watching C3 Conferences online since years. This year I'd like to be there physically, too. "Supporter Ticket 160" preferred.
Michal [1] or @ecneladis 1 ticket Hi, I'd love to go the CCC first time since 32C3 in Hamburg. Greetings from security enthusiast from Warsaw/Poland.
SiR @SiR_8X 1 Ticket Hi there ! Planned to go with some Friends which got one. Would be nice to go with them and be able to visit the congress! Sys Engineer here currently working in support - interessted in security and net neutrality. I opened DMs for Twitter, greetings from around Zürich.
Lisa [2] 1 Ticket Looking for a spare ticket for a female security-interested student :)
Lexik lexik@riseup.net 1 Ticket We are a group of 7 hackers/activists from the so-called Czechia, unfortunately only 6 of us were able to get the ticket :( We don't want leave our friend behind (it could be his first Congress), so we are looking for one more ticket!
luk Twitter:@moinluk or [3] 1 Ticket Hi, I 'm looking for a ticket. I didn't had luck in the pre-sale. I'm interested in privacy and data-ethics. I would be happy to visit the c3 congress physically. Greetings from Kiel.
Hesham heshamwhite@gmail.com 1 or 2 ticket Hey, I have been hearing about the conference even before i came to Germany but unfortunately couldn't get a ticket. My 4 friends are going and would really appreciate if I could go with them.
yair yair99@gmail.com 1 ticket we missed the last train! dont leave me in the cold
Sebastian [4], Twitter:TheSebware, Text message to +49 176 41366573 1 Ticket Unable to get a ticket this year, please help me attending the best event happening this year.
Alice [[5]] 1 Ticket I'm part of Leipzigs hackerspace dezentrale, but currently living in Berlin and missed the chance to buy a ticket last minute on the 21st. Would be so sad if I couldn't go with my boys this year, so if you happen to have a spare ticket u would make me happy today!
shantalya shantalya@chaosdorf.de 1 Camping-Ticket Too late for sale.
Hans hans@interserve.be 1 Camping-Ticket Would love a camping ticket.
DenkBrettl denkbrettl@gmail.com 1 Camping-Ticket I'd need a Camping Ticket, sale was too quick. Without the camping ticket, I can't support the foodhackingbase properly :(
RedDragon1949 hagestad@reddragon1949.com 1 Ticket - any category - bucket list Would love 1 ticket any category - have cash - very willing to pay & play
Jason jason.sender@jesus.ox.ac.uk 1 Ticket I missed out on a ticket in the pre-sale. I've never been before to Congress. I am studying for an MSc Software and Systems Security (Cybersecurity) at the University of Oxford and I really want to go. I would be really grateful for a ticket. :)
John email: sendeverbot -at- gmail.com Twitter: @SendeVerbot telegram: @SendeVerbot 1 Ticket Hi, I 'm looking for a ticket. I didn't had luck in the pre-sale. I would be happy to visit the c3 congress physically. Greetings from Basel.
Dave E-Mail 1 Camping-Ticket Brauche dringend ein Camping-Ticket
Karsten mail 1 Ticket trying to get to my first Ccc...
Matthias matt.wopr@gmail.com 2 Tickets for my son and me
Wiiilmaa E-Mail 1 Camping-Ticket Das Camping-Ticket würde mir erlauben noch einige Tage mehr an Auf- und Abbauzeit mitzunehmen

The Camping-Ticket would enable me to join buildup and teardown much longer

doppelgrau Twitter / E-Mail 1 Camping-Ticket I'd hope to get a camping ticket again, so I can work some "odd" angle shifts.
Bausparfuchs Twitter / E-Mail 1 Camping-Ticket Some of the most interesting angel shifts happen late at night. Therefore I require a very nearby sleeping place.
Philip E-Mail 2 Tickets My son with autism came last year and was so excited by Congress that he spent the last 10 months teaching himself German. I'd like to bring him again this year.
Sascha Telegram / E-Mail 1 Camping-Ticket Thought checking the Camping-Ticket-Sale-Site at 17:01 would be sufficiently on-time...
Anton Telegram / [6] 1 Ticket Failed to get a ticket during pre-sales. Would be happy to buy one from you!
Gallus E-Mail 1 Ticket Seit einiger Zeit engagiere ich mich in der "Wandelbewegung und Nachhaltigkeits-Szene". Gerne würde ich diese Gelegenheit wahrnehmen, mich besser international zu vernetzen und damit meine Arbeit voranzubringen. Since Years I work towards a Systemchange. For this work I want to network internationally to bring us all further.
Nicholas nick.36c3.camping@id0.eu 1 Camping-Ticket I would love a camping ticket. / Ich würde mich sehr über ein Camping-Ticket freuen.
Stephan Email: 36c3ticket@mailbox.org Twitter: @eckrdt 1-2 Tickets I'm looking for 1-2 regular tickets valid for all days. I will pay via SEPA or Paypal.
Darius & Julian Email / Telegram 2 Tickets Wir würden gerne die 36C3 besuchen, um uns in diesem Bereich weiterzubilden und neue Kontakte in dem Bereich zu knüpfen. / We would like to visit the 36C3 to enhance our range of skills and to meet new people who are as interested in this area as we are.
narepo E-Mail 1 Ticket I fell in love with the congress last year and would be super grateful to be able to experience this again. I could pay you via SEPA, Paypal or BTC/ETH/XRP, infinite gratitude will be included anyways. I'm especially interested in correlations of the internet and cities and would love to learn more about this at 36C3. Thank you so much! (de/en)
maub E-Mail 1 Ticket I unfortunately slept through both the voucher phases at the ccc-ffm but I still would love to go. Any payment method possible.
dorinbotan email: dorinbotan95@gmail.com 1 Ticket Didn't make it to the beginning of the queue :(