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The lost and found is handled by the cloakroom team.

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During the event

Ask for your stuff via email, DECT 1033 or, if you prefer a human to speak to, at the C3nav-favicon2.pngC3nav.png Lost & Found Counter (opening times). If your item has already been found, you will be able to pick it up during the event. If your item has not been found, your request will be noted and we will notify you in case your item is found, even after the event.

After the event

In case you are missing an item, you can contact us via email Please provide a detailed description of your item. If we have stored your item, we'll ask for your postal address and send the item back to you.

During January, the team of volunteers needs to recover from the congress, the tear down and the aftermath, so expect a higher delay in answering requests and shipping items.

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