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Signal Angels care for all those listening to talks via the Streams from home. They watch Twitter and IRC channels and provide feedback/questions to the speakers in the Q/A session after the talk.

REMARK: Signal angels need to bring their own laptop in order to do their job!

For more information ask watz who is in charge of that department.

Mini Howto

  1. Sign up for a shift in the Engelsystem. Check also which herald is responsible for the talk
  2. Be at the correct hall at least 10 minutes before the event starts.
  3. Tell the herald that you are the assigned signal angel and take the seat which will be provided for you.
  4. Establish your network connection and be ready for questions. (see also Remarks below)

NOTE: this information is work in progress!

IRC & Twitter

  1. Login with you favourite IRC client at
  2. Set your nickname: /nick SignalAngel or /nick myNickname
  3. Join the appropriate channel for your room: (e.g.) /join #34C3-hall-a
  4. If not done already, set the proper topic for your room and take care you are announced as Signal Angel. e.g.: /topic SAALA | NOW: [de] Politik hacken - Kleine Anleitung zur Nutzung von Sicherheitslücken gesellschaftlicher und politischer Kommunikation (4804) | SIGNALANGEL: myNickname | STREAM:
  5. It might be useful to announce yourself as Signal Angel from time to time so that people know they can address you.
  6. Keep an eye on the Twitter hashtag for your room.
  • General channel
 irc: #34C3-everywhere @hackint.
 Twitter: Watch the hashtag #34C3-everywhere 

In addition, there could be some more information at Congress_Everywhere.

Hints and Remarks

For your job a proper network connection is essential. Therefore there will be a wired cable connection nearby the speakers desk. We recommend using that connection, since there may be problems with the wireless network. Please also test your connection before starting your shift.


To keep the noise down, you may want to block some messages like

/ignore #34C3-hall-a MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS
/ignore #34C3-hall-b MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS
/ignore #34C3-hall-c MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS
/ignore #34C3-hall-d MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS