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Hacker seeks what he lost

See Lost and found

Ex-Bear seeks Freifunkpulli

Lost my Freifunkpulli (Black Hoodie, "Freifunk" written on left side of Chest) at the electric Cube, i suppose. Miss it very much & would love to be reunited with it. "THank you", to whomever put it where i found it :D

Hacker seeks food

  • We need food as of 2017-12-30 03:00 GMT+1 because we drank too much. Help appreciated! Please place food between Infodesk and entry of hall Clarke. Contact the guy with the CYBER-Sticker on his pullover to get a hug! (sitting on one of the tables) We can also give you some free Jägermeister or Brausetabletten from Ahoi :-)

Hardware seeks Hacker

  • 3 VP6500 hackable Wifi phones in mint condition and almost original packaging for sale, need two AA batteries to operate. Contact Stormwind DECT 7893, mail
  • The Arduino Spaeti - A lot of Arduino components. If you need something, come to thehive, Wabe C.
  • 1x DELL NX3100 (NAS) 1x DELL MD3200 (SAS) no HDD DECT 3417
  • QNAP TS-412U (4 Bay 19" Rack NAS) w/o rails, 2x2TB HDD - call DECT 3585
  • Free DECT Phones krater Assembly:Bohnen_in_die_Ohr'n All gone :)
  • Mutitple WS2811 LED Strips (12V, 5 meters, 60 LEDs / Meter) -- Contact lnbert DECT: 6492
  • Intel Celeron G1610 CPU -- Contact lnbert DECT: 6492
  • Amiga 500 Kickstart switch that can be controlled via software - no external switch needed! As kit to someone who can solder SMD (preferably someone who has his/her A500 here!) -- Contact gm / DECT 2531 / Twitter: @fnord_sh
  • 2 Zipit Z2 wireless messengers for sale, brand new in unopened packages. Contact yuvadm prior to 34c3 for details.
  • 1 used Server Fujitsu Primergy RX200 S5 (2x XQC E5540 - 2.53GHz, 12GB, 2x 146GB 2,5" SAS) is looking for a new home right after the congress. For details contact kime any email? No contact information on profile page of kime :/.
  • Jolla Phone (first generation, white backplate, top condition) -- Contact yass
  • Contact Varac or send mail to varac at leap D_O_T se for these things (I left them at home but can send them to a german post addr. after congress)
  • Openmoko Neo FreeRunner -- Contact Varac *before* Dec 26, otherwise I don't bring it
  • Sundtek DVB TC-0267 USB DVB-C TV reviever
  • Typematrix 2030 keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard for Tinkpad x230, german layout
  • Asus EEE PC

  • gom hast $stuff in exchange for $whateverUwant
  • Hama USB 3.0 Cardreader without USB3.0 cable | Disclaimer: I didn't manage to get it to function with Linux
  • DVD Slim Line Drive TS-U633 (Dell OEM manufactured by Samsung)
  • 1x 1GB DDR2-667 So-Dimm (PC5300)
  • 1x 256MB PC100 SDRAM 144P
  • Raspi Model B 1st gen. incl. case
  • Free stuff Box at the CCC-CH Assembly (Soekris boards, 10kg RJ45 Couplers and other stuff) Obri (talk)
  • Com-On-Air DECT cards, PCMCIA Type 3 (the thick one) for cheap krater Assembly:Bohnen_in_die_Ohr'n
  • Some 8bit hardware, like Apple 2/E and Intel 8085 things as gifts for 8bit enthusiats. I like Tschunk ;) See pictures here krater
  • Your PAX (2,3) needs a charger? ask sulivan
  • If anyone wants to hack their Nintendo 2DS/3DS, I can lend you my Action Replay DSi pre-flashed with ntrboothax so you can install B9S on your device. Follow [1] with the "ALL VERSIONS" method to prepare your SD card first, then contact me - and bring a magnet! Natanji
  • I have twelve (12) sticks of 1GB DDR3 1333MHz ECC unbuffered (PC3-10600E) RAM that I have no use for any more, willing to trade sticks of it for weird knick-knacks from wherever you hail from, rum&Mate-based beverages or a working DECT handset for the whole batch (would really come in handy!). Contact is vista on freenode/hackint IRC or see e-mail address on my profile.
  • Intel 8085 selfmade computer from the really old timnes, Old russian oscilloscope Some parts of old russian oscilloscope, TTL graveyards, punchhole stripe reader, other things, just for free. I like Tschunk ;) See pictures here krater
  • NeoFromMatrix, Telegram: @crc22
    • µC and stuff
      • 2x chinese STLink V2 (flashed to Blackmagic Probe firmware) with mini USB connector
      • STM32F103 Nucleo in original packaging -> 8€
      • 1x MSP 430 FR4133 Launchpad in original packaging -> 10€
      • 1x Arduino Ethernet + µSD card shield (Wiznet w5100) -> 5€
      • 1x Arduino L293D motor shield -> 2€
    • RAM (everything untested)
      • DIMM
        • 2x Corsair Value 1GB? DDR VS1GB400C3 -> free
        • 4x Hynix 1GB 1Rx8 PC2-6400-666-12 -> free
        • 2x Hynix 512MB 1Rx8 PC2-4200U-444-12 -> free
        • 2x Kingston KVR533D2N4/1G 1GB DDR2-533 -> free
        • 3x Apacher 2GB UNB PC2-6400 CL5 -> free
        • 3x 2GB 2Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-12-E3 -> 1x mate for all?
      • SO-DIMM
        • 2x Samsung 512MB 2Rx16 PC2-4200s-444-12-A3 -> free
        • 1x Samsung 1GB 1Rx16 PC2-6400-666-12-A3
        • 1x Nanya 2GB 2Rx8 PC2-6400-666-13F1.800 -> free
        • 1x Asint DDR3 2GB-1600 -> 1x Fora Power
        • 1x unlabeled DDR3 -> free
        • 1x 4GB 2Rx8 PC3-12800S-11-10-F2 -> 10€?
    • CPU (everything untested)
      • 1x Pentium Dual-Core E2140 -> free
      • 1x Pentium 4 630 3GHZ -> free
      • Netwoking cards
        • 1x HP OEM Ralink RT3090 802.11b/g/n
        • 1x Asus AzureWave AR5B125 802.11 a/b/g/n
        • 1x AzureWave AR5B95 802.11 b/g/n full height
  • Prisma
    • 1 DECT Phone Sinus 501 without charging base, no batteries (AAA) -> free (gone)
    • 1 DECT Phone Sinus 206 -> 5 € or Mate (gone)
  • Peremen -> all gone
  • 2x XFX ATI Radeon HD5970 PCI-e, 2GB GDDR5 Black Edition (untested) -- Contact Mr.Blue
  • kirils, DECT 5522 || Telegram: @lv_ki
  • glow:
  • RS41-SGP radiosonde looks for someone who is able to find out way how to talk with it through embedded NFC, possibly with a help of proxmark (it has nice STM32F100, ublox GPS and 70cm TX) - dfgg / DECT: 2137
  • Kinderspielzeug Solar Technologie Starter Kit. Ein Breadboard mit LEDs, Transistoren, Potentiometern, einer Blockbatterie, Solarzellen und einem Ventilator. Gesamt weniger als 40 Teile. Anzuschauen CCL lvl1 Assembly zwischen Ruby Town und dem fünfstrichigen LED-Streifenstern, Kontakt xmpp:; SMS +491716242897,
  • I´ve got two stamps left on an four stamps "two sections" Ticket for the airport Hackertours. Ask sulivan
  • We've serval meters of (transparent) NFC-Tags and Cards. Come and get them (@Warpzone @ChaosWest, ask for Niklas or JanHenrik) :3
  • You have questions about getting apple-pay working in germany? Call 3442
  • Looking for a small Eurorack synthesizer (base). Contact vifino, DECT 2448.

Hacker seeks Hardware

  • Looking for natural, smokeable leftovers for the last couple hours of congress - DECT: 4206 or XMPP:
  • Would like to see/(buy?) a GPD Pocket.
  • Looking for a power supply for my LED strip. 12V, 72W. Got a spare? @fidepus on Twitter, DECT: 6166
  • 'looking for a Bluetooth sniffer USB dongle or similar, hopefully for cheap. Stormwind @ DECT 7893
  • looking for a rocket taking us to the moon to jump around a little -- contact : DECT:3219
  • looking for a bot that carries our beer box -- contact : DECT:3219
  • Le me is looking for a working DECT Phone in exchange for a DECT Phone that is working except for a broken Speaker. E-Mail:, DECT 6630 (I can't hear you though)
  • Looking for Electric Kettles (Wasserkocher) for stupid Intranet of Things. See tweet: [2]
  • Looking for an SD Card for my camera 4297
  • Looking for a MinnowBoard Turbot Quad-Core -- contact :
  • looking for a Huawei P10 Lite Ersatzdisplay LCD + Digitizer and help with exchanging it -- contact : Sudosu
  • looking for a DECT phone -- contact: Slacc
  • looking for a hooverboard/scooter/$congressvehicle -- contact: via jabber.
  • looking for a mouse or a keyboard for my crappy laptop :( -- Contact: PCB
  • Looking for a Card Reader for Micro SD* -- Contact Jasper
  • Looking for another working german prepaid SIM card -- Contact GSM:4111 (unstable) mail: Lynx
  • Network Switch (4 port is enough) -- Contact Pdunkler
  • USB2Serial TTL 3v4 -- Contact ptwz (DECT 7899)
    • I have modules with fake FT232 chips and jumper to select 5V/3.3V -- Contact arne at BlinkenArea assembly, DECT 2082.
  • European 2-prong power cord -- Contact: Armada
  • M6x10 .. M6x30 bolt, most screw head styles will work. -- Contact cpresser
  • looking for a cable for an old Siemens S45i (to flash, & reprogram); also also a powersupply for this device -- Contact: lnbert
  • Modified Nerfgun, Fullauto or just something fun for the Nerfgun battle, 2-figures max(euro) -- Contact: nand
  • Thinkpad X220 compatible battery pack, 9 cells prefered -- Contact: kalipso
  • 1200W+ server PSU with 2+ PCI-X power connectors -- Contact: mirsal
  • Micro SD to SD card adapter -- Contact: mirsal
  • DB9 to RJ45 serial console cable -- Contact: mirsal
  • Blower module for Bladecenter H 8255 -- Contact:
  • I would like to see a Chromebook with a current ChromeOS in action and maybe try it out for an hour. I can pay in beer, mate or hardware. danrl call 5720
  • I need a internal SCSI-68 LVD cable with active terminator for my LTO-2 drive. If you got one you don't need please contact Jakob
  • Regelbares Netzteil / Labornetzteil (24V/3-5A) -- Contact Lil-Missy
  • FUNcube Dongle. Mine (first version) does not work on my laptop and I would like to test some minutes with another one. 2342
  • im looking for HackRF One -- Contact via Mail (after Congress) JDT
  • ThinkPad X230t compatible batteries, like the 6 Cell 67+ Battery (Part No. 0A36317) and/or a Slice 19+ 6 Cell Battery (Part no. 0A36280) - Contact vifino
  • LiPo pouch cell roughly measuring 100x50x6mm - Contact fengor
  • Lenovo Thinkpad X201 LCD Screen to replace a cracked on Contact Xin
  • ThinkPad E531 bottom shell including service bay covers - Contach haemka
  • Thinkpad X60 trackpoint nipple, keyboard spares, memory flap screws HD cover and caddy ten
  • Anything that have to do with deaf-aids / Alles was mit Hörgeräten zu tun hat krater
  • im looking for a GPD Pocket or GPD WIN -- Contact via Mail (after Congress) JDT
  • Looking for a Garmin Forerunner 920XT charger to borrow -- please contact Ari
  • 'white-box' network switch, open network linux compatible or similar - contact LV-426
  • old 2.5" SSD >= 64 Gb - contact ypnos
  • any DECT compatible phone please - contact stefek99
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 camera module to put it in mine (a complete phone would be nice, too :-) ) contact:
  • usage time with someones Skateboardtool to change skateboard rolls - contact txt.file
  • I'm interested in any kind of plotters or split-flap/flip-dot displays :) bleeptrack
  • some random headphones, because mine are about to totally break [DECT 3359]
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro (aka Mango, SK17i, SK17a) | Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (aka Mimmi, U20i, U20a) [DECT 3359]
  • 3-com compatible 10G XENPAK module (SR). Contact User:Xesxen
  • Seeking to borrow 5GHz-capable WiFi card (miniPCI) for ersatz laptop borrowed to a young hacker --Astro (talk)
  • Macbook Pro 2010 A1286 Display -- Joe DECT 8593 User:highpinger
  • I need a 2.5" SATA hard drive for my notebook :) -- infodox User:infodox
  • looking for a working hoverboard / scooter battery pack; Offering money or know-how; contact via mail: y0sh
  • looking for a pic dump kit thing; contact via twitter: @StoneLabs and @0xbe7a
  • looking for 1-2 GB SD-Cards; contact via twitter: @mr__captcha
  • Looking for Intel NUC powersuply 19V, 65W -- Contact Mr.Blue
  • Proxmark 3 (Kit preffered) + Chameleon wanted. Mailto
  • want to get rid of your (unprofitable) mining hardware? Ask sulivan
  • 30m LWL (OS2) (Benutzer:Major)
  • single board camera for arduino or pi (mio991)
  • GPD Pocket (bleeptrack)
  • VGA cable male/male (eichkat3r)
  • Would like to buy 2x4 GB RAM for my laptop (DDR3 I guess) -- contact onny: signal +491743938625
  • Looking for some kind of small arduino like controller to light up some WS2812b; DECT: 7942
  • Looking for Dreamcast (@c3420 on Telegram)
  • Temporary (until Day4) 12V Supply (3A+) (FeM-Broadcast Assembly / xmpp:
  • I forgot my sleeping mat. Could anybody borrow me a mat? /
  • looking for ESP12-E old similar module User:Fototeddy
  • looking for a nintendo switch / Wiiu amanuense_del_diavolo
  • looking for a DECT Phone Hubert
  • Looking for a Hoverboard-Battery - GityUpNow on Hackint, FlyingElectrons on Telegrem
  • GPD Pocket (gr4yscale on hackint/freenode)
  • <3 Looking for a multifunctional remote control for an old analog tv @ minibar <3 Adni
  • Looking for tattoo needles and tattoo colors (stick & poke) contact (mastodon), wolki-ann(at)
  • Looking for Lenovo x230 power jack connector - GSM: 2186, revillo(at)
  • looking for a magsafe2 charger (borrow) -- contact: hAcky also hAcky@irc
  • looking to buy a ~70cm (430mhz) handheld transceiver for TOTA, max 100€ Email: ( assembly)
  • I'm looking for an old eventphone sim. the current one don't work with my mobile phone. will trade new for old sim. you can find me at the prodigy bar or @therealinfodesk on twitter
  • I'm looking for graphic cards or other unprofitable mining hardware, like AMD HD7 series with at least 1 or 2GB RAM. Contact @SlothOfAnarchy in Telegram
  • Looking for a DCT-4 flasher box. I dont know whether there are some in germany but I'd be happy to examine and use one. testphone provided tds
  • Looking for an Arduino Leonardo; hit me on telgeram @fboyy or on twitter @felixlinker - felixlinker
  • I'm searching for any (ultra)highvacuum/voltage parts, vacuum chambers/pump, turbomolecularpumps and physical equipment or what is used in semiconductor production.gluttony
  • Looking for activated SIM cards. tds

Hacker seeks software

  • Looking for (extracted) vBios of Nvidia Quadro P3000 (mobile) - ploth
  • Looking for the latest (v5) version of Acronis Snap Deploy, needing license for ~100 PCs (for universal PC-Image Deployment for LAN-Parties) DECT 2880 (phi-el)
  • Lookin for access to (I somehow lost access to!.. :-( ) --Mei3 (talk) 13:27, 30 December 2017 (CET)
  • Looking for access to BTN fser

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • Looking for someone to hack a very old undocumented win32 (windev) software so it could be installed on a VM, I need the registration to be bypassed, this is legal stuff and will be rewarded please call 4368
  • Looking for someone who has experience in installing linux on a retina MacBook Pro without disabling the intel graphics and being forced to use the Nvidia card all the time - Contact: Telegram @bjarn Mail:
  • Non-Hacker (gefährliches Halbwissen) brought OLPC Version 4 a.k.a. XO-4, known from UN project "One Laptop per Child", a device which had nice dualboot config Sugar OS / Android ... until an attempt to update the firmware went wrong in an unknown way. Now it is not bricked in the strict sense, but cannot be flashed into basic state as described on the OLPC Wiki. Could someone help with reanimating this cute little machine? Will check my talk page in regular intervals. John Weitzmann (WMDE) (talk) 21:35, 28 December 2017 (CET)
  • Somebody know something about Crestron and LON-BUS in a huge Homeautomation System? Can we share some knowledge? Contact me: Telegram @naxobyte or Threema 6RR93R3Y
  • I need someone who can help me with myarduino project call me 4297
  • I have a partially malfunctioning "Telekom Speedphone 10". Someone up for extracting the firmware from a Winbond SOIC-8 Flash Chip and try repairing it? Call Stormwind DECT 7893
  • Brought a Seagate Goflex Net with serial console wired to a connector. Someone want to hack around? Call Stormwind DECT 7893
  • Looking for people who have an idea of snooping and hacking BT(LE) Devices. Brought a few Withings Pulses (STM162 Processor), a Jawbone UP3 and a JAWBONE move. Call Stormwind DECT 7893
  • Looking for someone who can help me to get Rust running on my STM32 hardware - Contact me @ Twitter or DeepCyber assembly.
  • Looking for someone who is good at Super Smash Bros. 64, I want a challenge - E-mail me at
  • Looking for someone having/doing NFC Tag Implants - bleeptrack
  • Linguists, language hackers and polyglots wanted for exchange of interests, state of tech, teaching methods &&& - skygge
  • h264 IP-Cam stream ffmpeg proper ripping, postprocessing and setting markers - rocinante
  • ESP8266 Hacking: i have an ESP12-H Module that refuses to accepting new Firmware. I'm looking for someone who has fun to explore with me a way to flash that mystic esp fototeddy
  • People interested in explaining/teaching environmental activists about: using twitter for activism; responsible/legal dealing with pictures; Creative Commons & Public Domain as a media source - yolo (DECT 2932)
  • Looking for People that Enjoy Go Programming Language (Golang) as much as I do. If you want to learn about it I can also teach - Find Toasterson at Swiss Assembly or User:Toasterson
  • Looking for someone to help me flash vBios of my AMD Radeon HD 7970M, flashed a non-working vBios, but have a backup. Contact:
  • Looking for someone who can help me read NFC from >1meter. (rtl-sdr+upconverter+antenna+gnu-radio+decoding is working! but currently just 40cm) Offer: €€€; cooperation; friendship; soul and others!
  • Looking for ultra ambitious people, cause i'm founding a co-living space. we'll build companies, make big changes, plant our own vegetables and a lot more. Come talk! Sitting@chaoswest DECT: 8877
  • Looking for someone who knows how to scale a WordPress / Wocommerce installation (e. g. for 1000 req/s). Email me at
  • Looking for someone with iOS jailbreaking know-how for some discussion. Contact p4nt3on
  • Looking for someone who knows how to include and link against boost libraries in an unreal (ue4) project. Would reward on success. Contact: newgen23 ät web de
  • Looking for someone experienced in replacing a broken display glass (only the glass, not the whole display unit) - Contant: GityUpNow on Hackint / @LabVonUndZuMeow on Twitter
  • Looking for someone who knows how to put CyanogenMod or LeanageOS on a Motorola Defy+ - Hubert
  • 日本語の喋れる/喋りたいハッカー達いらっしゃるんですか?連絡してちょうだい!(主にハードウェアハッカー)
  • Looking for someone to talk about hash-based digital signature schemes like WOTS(+), HORS(T), ... and especially SPHINCS and XMSS DECT-#: 2735
  • Looking for someone who can help me retrieve my stolen Fairphone 2 :( Shrdlu
  • Looking for 5V 2A (or more) power supply for arduino and LED strip - Drack0
    • Your user page does not exist, so I have no idea how to contact you. -- User:The Compiler
  • Looking for someone who is experienced with GNURadio! Offer: everything you want! DECT: 8877
  • Looking for someone who have experience or knowledge about hear-aids (hörgeräte) DECT: 2390, krater
  • Looking for people that enjoy or want to learn about Termux - Glow
  • Looking for hackers/coders near/in Hamburg. Contact: hamburg at heap dot nu
  • Suche nach den 2 Hacker die Matekisten fahrbar gemacht haben Kontakt: ""

Hackers seek hackers in their region

  • Hackerspace Bitlair in Amersfoort, NL has recently moved to a spacious new location. What's left is finding more hackers to who'd like to join us :) Contact: polyfloyd

Hacker seeks Travel Companions

  • Ten Avoiding airplanes: London - Hoek Of Holland - Leipzig and back with the possibility of detours. See profile^H^H^H^H^H^Huser page...
  • Remi with two friends, a car and one free seat are going back to Groningen (Netherlands) on the 30th, at around 10:00 (we need to arrive at Groningen around 17:30). We will pass Maagdenburg, Hannover and Bremen, and are happy to drop you off on the way. Didn't get a message in time, and it's too late for us to change plans :$ .
  • Oot seeking Hackers to talk to during the boring travel back in the 30/11 bus at 14h15 to Paris
  • Fazzke searching for travel compagnions via car or train to bremen/oldenburg for early (e.g. 10h) at 30.12 - mailto:

Hacker seeks Travel Tips

  • Couple is looking for tips how to spend New Year's Eve In Leipzig. We like eating, doing nerdy stuff and things. sulivan

Hacker seeks Silvester-Party

  • Any ideas where to go on 31th? sulivan

Hacker seeks education

  • my ULEFONE POWER lost part of it's NVRAM along with the IMEIs. Would like to learn about rewriting that. Call Stormwind DECT 7893
  • I'm looking for someone who can teach me how to do things with hardware. I have: breadboard, ESP8266, and a "37 in 1 Sensor Kit For Arduino", C and linux knowledge. I want: How to do things with this stuff without exploding it? Can offer: Rust programming, Mate, Friendship -- Musicmatze
  • Do you have confidence in your Gmsh skills? Help out a novice with his first mesh. Especially element size specifications / size fields. -- m11
  • My main question is, how to get the whole source of a kickstart project? Plesse have also a look to the chapter "I'm looking for" in my user page. -- klaus, DECT: 4931.
  • voctoknopf1 needs help with arduino ethernet shield, please call 3212 -- Benjamin
  • Master of Science in physics with quite a wide range of interests is looking for a doctorate position in the mid-term future; focus so far has been on quantum optics, numerics and solid-state physics -- Ki
  • got an aeropress for christmas, looking for an experienced coffenerd who is interested in helping me with my first steps. -- RasT
  • I have a Chess board on the ChaosZone Assembly, so if someone wants to play chess just come around or text me. kalipso
  • People interested in explaining/teaching environmental activists about: using twitter for activism; responsible/legal dealing with pictures; Creative Commons & Public Domain as a media source - yolo (DECT 2932)
  • I‘m looking for someone who can help me with the first steps in Apple‘s AR Kit. Maybe you can halp me understanding neural networks in a new way. -- B1T0 Threema 532T78EA
  • Does someone has access to or any private file sharing network with Criterion DVD images? -- @onny signal: +491743938625
  • Looking for someone who knows how to put CyanogenMod or LeanageOS on a Motorola Defy+ - Hubert
  • Trying to figure out how remote controlled sex toys work using my rad1o. Last played with it during the camp, so I'd like some guidance. - xerael
  • I'm looking for someone who can show me how to flash coreboot or libreboot on my Thinkpad Lenovo T400 right here on 34C3. Please text me mobil +4915121744284 or I check for text message every full hour and for e-mail at 1pm and 20pm.
  • I really enjoyed the talk of Alastair Reid about formal verification of the excutable ARM specification. I'd really like to know "more" about that; what someone can do with that and how I could get into that topic more focused, i. e. by not just reading alllll the docs. Hit me on telegram @fboyy or on twitter @felixlinker - felixlinker
  • need someone helping me setup my AVRT15 aprs tracker. It doesn't seem to work correctly. schoash

Hacker seeks NGO

  • I attended a project that "empowers" NGO on cybersecurity. I'm interested in chatting with NGO or security people who are interested in working with NGO. miaoski
  • Always looking for interesting non-profit or open-source projects that need technical support of any kind. Get in touch :) --5chdn

NGO seeks Hacker

  • People interested in explaining/teaching environmental activists about: using twitter for activism; responsible/legal dealing with pictures; Creative Commons & Public Domain as a media source - yolo (DECT 2932)
  • Our technical NGO is hiring people interested in hunting botnets with us in 2018. Find me to chat about our positions (Wire: @Donncha, Twitter: @DonnchaC) - donncha

Artist seeks Hacker

  • Berlin-based artist is looking for someone to help implementing some ideas using a kinekt camera - It's going to be a lot of fun :) Contact me! Jona Gold

Hacker seeks Fun

  • Is there a Minetest server? I had no success finding one in the kids' gaming areas (up on the cubes). Quazgar (talk)

Stencil seeks Artist

[3] [4]

Cryptocurrency seeks Hacker / Hacker seeks Cryptocurrencies

34c3 cryptocurrencies.jpg

  • Selling BTC/LTC/ETH/XMR for market average. Call DECT 4009 or write a mail to "". acheloos
  • Would like to see an mining ASIC in action. Have one? Tell me! sulivan Come to the bitcoin assembly ;)
  • Needs some advice for setting up a KORE masternode. Can share knowledge in operation of diverse other cryptocurrency masternodes (BSD, Linda, BTDX, XCXT, SYNX, TRC, VSYNX, VGS). Contact me p4nt3on
  • old trader sell/buy/meet for a beer (call DECT 8869, GSM NUKE) ( have SPECIAL OFFER for 34C3
  • Curious about Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, iota, and whatnot? Hit me up for a beer, or a chat, or both! --5chdn
  • Crack me if you can! reward: 1 BTC --Mr.Blue
    • $bitcoin$96$4ee510859fd2994b43f35aec3a0557628aedc89c2ccd11976f663b78516fd050767ca22d75ecfd2ff0dcd88dd4cb3180$16$ed13e06680ef011b$25000$96$3a213ec8f4c3a71970b0425cd7d7cafc56fdb6bd2a408c7c844e16a064de257892242deb0f2463ac970e819131483a1c$66$03fc45a908d9a996e12639008058498ce741d7a1a23ae74135ef70b9326d191ce1

Hacker seeks (self) medication

    • RANDOM RANT - people asking for 420/++ without e2e/anonymized contacts on a conference which shows BND leaks? do your homework.
      • i Think ur right.... why would someone get in contact with someone --without OTR and jabber but with with gmail and gmx email addr.?? WTF
    • looking for the same, please contact me via jabber:
    • I'm too looking for some 420, XMPP:
    • i am aswell kindly looking for some devils lettuce to start the reefer madness. BonFire
    • also in need for some w33d, please contact me at jabber:
    • also looking for 420, please contact me at jabber: or Twitter @Xatulu_
    • also looking for some 420. contact me at telegramm or twitter @derveloper
    • Looking for 420 - call DECT 8869
    • We are also looking for 420 and 1 reasons to go beyond our existential chronic pain, XMPP
    • anyone got some edibles? threema id 6UB5MTSU
    • Looking for some sativa 420 - call DECT 5223
  • Same boat, looking for 420 (
  • Same boat again, looking for 420 (xmpp:
  • also looking for 420 - contact or "maxim" in irc
  • I'm interested in wakeful agents and calming agents See @panarchist on telegram or 6403!
  • Also looking for 420 Please contact:
  • Looking for 420, same as almost everyone on here. I can provide activated carbon tips for better taste Threema: B5SD5TPS
  • loking for 420 - call 8869
  • please, please 420. My headache is back! Threema: 5JVNSZPH
  • Didn't realize so many people are Smoking @ 34c3 so I'm looking for some 420 and people to smoke & Chat with. Contact "talas" via threema: cryjxus9
  • Also looking for some good medication 420 []
  • Same thing looking for 420 (XMPP:, mail:
  • Also looking for some 420, would be nice extra treat for this great congress:
  • *LSD/420*: my friend didn’t realize we would have all appreciated he bring the trippy stuffs. (looking for) (gr4yscale on freenode/hackint, ask for a signal # if you need, I will have to use a friends phone)
  • Looking for some 420 to enjoy this congress even more | Contact:
  • yeah.... im also looking for ..... you know... the same as nearly everybody else.. :D Got no DECT, and GSM is not working, but contact me on Threema: B2RKA4WC
  • Looking for 420 as well :D DECT 3154
  • Looking for benzos, in order of preference Xanax, Valium, Ativan or Serax. F01A4CC5 on IRC
  • Looking for stimulants, trading for happiness, 420; xmpp:
    • tried to reach you, can't (server says unauthorized). telegram?
  • Looking for 420 or stims, "Tobba" on IRC(hackint) / call 8622.
  • Looking for 420, contact
  • loking for 420 - call 8869
  • IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Leipzig Hbf are shady looking ppl, had success there. just walk around a bit and talk to ppl who "look that way..."
  • Looking for person willing to roll a joint. Will trade for company and part of said joint. Wickr: cpcp800
  • Anyone willig to share their medical stuff/seeds? I have Pedanios22/1 with me jabber:
  • Looking for some 420! call me! 4046
  • Looking also. Plz mail to

Human Dating

Have fun!

There were some comments about creeplevel - don't be a creep - learn some basics around human interaction protocols. Daygame workshop awaiting a date.

Person seeks Person

  • Dario seeks Marie from Berlin, we met in CCL in front of the prodigy Desk, you asked me bout my Foxtail and we had a really nice conversation. I would really like to talk to you again.
  • Panarchist seeks friends, footrubs, and career advice. I'm eager to learn about instrumentation and bringing visibility to running processes at an operations level.
  • Kamitorafan seeks likeminded persons for Chats and more futafan
  • Seeking for persons who like to chat about IoT platforms like ESP, Arduino, MySensors, ... SL12
  • Seeking new experiences (cultural, technical, social, etc.), interesting conversation partners, new friends; cuddles and hugs available upon request. proteus
  • Providing catgirl services: Feeling down and need someone to talk to or cuddle or just a maid, in general? Contact me! siri
  • Let's take catgirl selfies together! Digital cat ears will be provided by the app B612 on my iphone (sorry stallman) =^.^= min
  • First time at the c3 and I'm not a hacker. Missed the registration for the chaospatinnen. Looking for interesting and/or likeminded people to meet. Twitter: @Daniel_Zwei
  • I would like to get to know a person who does not get bored of Minecraft after only half a year, or (logical or) to someone who would enjoy reading my books (all in German) and have inspiring talks about their contents. Contact: kaulquake in the Engelsystem or DECT 5825 (KUAK) (if I can get it to work).
  • Simon seeks Crystal (the translation angel, not the substance). We've met at the entrance on day 0.
  • rexxnor seeks interesting conversations and someone to have a mate/beer/tschunk with rexxnor
  • If you want to smoke some cigarettes or play some tetriNET and it's okay for you if I don't talk much (or too much when I start to melt), contact me. Regardless of gender. Threema: B5SD5TPS
  • Hi, I'm shy, and need some extra push to talk to people, a wingman, Rainb
  • Person with social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder who is failing at surviving congress (again) is looking for support from someone, who can relate. Yayaka
  • Looking for meaningful conversations and maybe cuddles too! I do infosec and teach functional programming, like philosophy and modern (sic) psychology, and have still not gotten through either Goedel-Escher-Bach or the GNUnet paper. 23, slim, long-haired, gender-skeptic and happen to possess a furry-themed collar, for your reference :) 9b4d

Boy seeks Girl

Age Body Hair Description Dating exp Creeplevel Contact
41 tall/slim, 192 brown/bit grey medium hair, some short beard, glasses theatre person, podcaster, creativity addicted, working on a short movie beside work, looking for also creative and open persons for cuddling, closeness and whatever works. I can offer half of a room (AirBNB) if we click. high none, but often to shy to be really relaxed mordnerd
34 fit, 183 dark blonde, medium long hair, long beard Chemist, Nerd, Problem solver, Musician, likes philosophing over problems, Rigger (doing rope bondage for 10 years and know my stuff), Board game, P&P, LARP player, a really awesome person if I can trust what my friends say some epsilon < 0.01 Stormwind
23 normal brown, short-haired General purpose nerd with opsec background. Speaking German and English. Interested in massages, cuddling, making out and more in case we live reasonable close also after congress. some minimal xo
26 fit, 193 blonde I'm not looking for something specific. Let's see what happens ? Over 9000 (jk, i'm a friendly guy) obikenobi Threema KKXZPSEZ
20 a bit more than normal brown looking for new connections/friends :) depends on you :D wtf? surprise c-agent or
30 normal tall blond long haired shy swiss geek looking for female company to talk about our new AI overlords, travelling to Mars, programming, ... ~little Minimal nerdinand
26 bit more than normal long-haired Music-loving Rust-Programming seeks female company, nerdy talking, friendship? ~None Minimal Musicmatze
23 slim long-haired sysadmin is looking for female company for the congress. Going for talking, lunch/dinner. Absolutely no one-night stands or other degeneracy. some medium phaich1Y (contact info requested)
32 Physicist. Wishes to dance Lindy Hop while on Congress. You can also ask me for a short intro into Lindy Hop, Charleston or Salsa. Matthias
secret secret secret Meet me and find out! tfwnogf. Childish love for everything fun. I'm into opsec, I can teach you some! Seeking gf, preferably a younger one :)) ~Some Maximum opi []
31 fit unicorn I have no idea what I'm doing. Playing with social conventions. Decided to run a daygame workshop. Wearing many hats: Fair I wish I was special User:stefek99 0044 758 629 4279
35 normal medium-length Software engineer. German. Nerdy computer scientist and punk-oriented male person from the Ruhr area seeks for a smart single female person with common or similar interests to share time and more (@ and of course after the congress) ~some None Mythozz
33 chubby short-medium Geek German. Nerdy computer enthusiast search for a smart female person with similar interests for enjoying the congress and also afterwards ~some None twitter:0xdanis84 Dect: 4807
26 normal Long brown Swiss Hacker and aspiring Entrepeneur looking for a girl to talk about many things and more. During Congress and also afterwards. minimal None Jabber twitter: @TheRealToaster or Look for Toasterson at the CCC-CH Assembly
30 bit more than normal short blond hair Shy, loves dancing and philosophical discussions, german, computer scientist, adventurous, looking for just a new friend or a relationship some minimal Telegram: @Mad9000 Mail: Threema: SSMKZP69
26 normal 1,82 m Recently broken up Bavarian Hacker looking for connections that last longer than the Congress, just for talks and projects or if Chemistry fits, happily more. some Eh Jabber:, Twitter: @Xatulu_, Threema: NESZ88KJ
21 normal black Dating goes skra papapapa. Kann viel und lange reden, suche eine die es auch mag und mir gerne Hot Dogs bringen möchte. some none
23 slim long hair I'm fluent in Rust, Python and C#. Looking for connections and maybe more, non technical is fine, german preferred. low low SWW13
21 within one sigma long-haired talk; mv; strip; fingerd; mount; sleep
Unix and networks geek here. Wanted is a cheerful and talkative someone to wander through assemblies and maybe have a couple of bicycle rides through night Leipzig, because why not?
0 ± ε you tell me,
29 normal short-haired interested in Tech an nature, always looking for adventures, I speak English and German.

I am looking for interesting conversations, cuddles and generally getting to know someone, maybe also tour Leipzig besides the congress.

low low
35 (or <1 ==>) ~85kg@175cm very short-haired died in 08/2016, awoke@~july 2017, english, german, a little latin, russian, romanian and others i might have forgotten.

I am looking for a girl, u might have guessed.

high nerdish icq:17356175 qoreQyaS(irc (too many networks to list them here), steam, twitter),, mobile:+491702391623
26 slim, 173cm short-haired, dark blonde Looking for company to attend the Kinky Geeks bondage workshops! The beginner’s workshop is already in a couple of hours, but maybe we can go to the advanced one too. Afterwards, we can continue bonding (no ropes) over coffee if you want. I‘m also a social scientist in training, speak English and love roller skates. Seasoned low Slow_lights mail: tim.dillon89 at
22 slim 187 dark blond jewfro I am looking for a girl that can goof around with me. I also love cuddling (^_^)

I am a mathematician. I am a "professional" (not really, but I am top 10 in Europe and go to tournaments abroad hehehe) Super Smash Bros 64 player. I look like a hipster, well, I guess I am a hipster. Here a picture of me I am a little bit of a weaboo. I am a vegan (yeahyeahyeah whatever). I like tea, board- and videogames, music (I play), maths, physics, computers, and a lot of nerdy stuff. I am open for many sexual kinks and fetishes.

yes medium my junk mail
29 normal 175 brown and short Interested in meeting an interesting, sympathic woman to spend the next days with - maybe also Sylvester if you stay in Leipzig. I'm into BDSM (dom/sad, experienced, could be an option if we get along well and you're into it). Open minded, uncomplicated and spontaneous. German/English speaking. yes ;) creepy enough to fill this here, but not desperate :) (I'll check it!)
23 Normal Dark blonde Looking for a bunny to join the bondage workshop tonight Seasoned Wearing rope visibly Probably at Kinkygeeks near Clarke
21 slim long black I don't like being alone

I love learners and people that love getting shit done aka collabs. Surprise me

0 fearing not being creepy holds me back Yayme
30 XL/XXL short dark blonde; beard German engineer, interested in XML technologies, DVB/DAB broadcasting, movies, media and society problems. Music: mostly dance/trance, but also 80s and sometimes charts. Looking for nice female company, discussions and possibly more, depending on interest on both sides. zero minimal User:Maestro / 34c3 AT gmx-topmail DOT de
39+ normal short Bavarian living in Leipzig looking for someone to enjoy listening+talking (lower) bavarian accent while having a beer, etc. zero minimal User:lebyr / immernie AT abwesend DOT de
32 normal, 186 brown, somewhat longer Missed this page while being on congress. Maybe someone still reads it for interesting contacts. A huge amount of hackers in one place makes me shy... somewhat little mostly harmless hrathh at

Girl seeks Boy

Age Body Hair Description Dating exp Creeplevel Contact
30 medium red non-hacker scientist, looking for a guy to have discussions with. During congress and also afterwards. Preferably decent human being. If our chemistry agrees, you will not be friendzoned. some none out there meeting people now
+23 female & small blonde looking for somebody for the bondage workshop, preferably nice and 420 friendly without contagious diseases none none

Couple seeks ?

Age Body Hair Description Dating exp Creeplevel Contact can't find you
30 - 27 slim(s) blond and brown a couple, energetic, kinda very funny and looking for a girl and/or a boy to storm through the congress nights. And you may wanna be a bit kinky. seasoned mild to none user @hakunamatata i am interested (
28 & 30 normal blond and brown a couple, relaxed & fun , looking for a girl or a couple. seasoned none

Girl seeks Girl

  • I'm a polyamorous, kinky trans woman and enjoy meeting fun new people. Main interests: gaming, queerfeminism, cuddling, kinky shenanigans. Contact info on User:Natanji. Dating experience: medium, relationship experience: lots.
  • If I've got enough social capacity I'm always happy to talk about intersect./queer feminism, books, books, and more books, leftism, video games and self-care strategies. I identify myself as a relationship anarchist and a trans woman. Talk to me on Twitter (@septemberflakes, just send a follow request if we do not follow each other yet).

Boy seeks Boy

see also: Meetup: Jungs Twink Geeks Gathering - Flausch für Jungs

see also Planetromeo (add "34c3" to your profile)

  • man of action, childish love for everything fun, loves to talk about nerdy stuff, 34yo, ready to be asked -- Fabos, Threema 8VDT4ZSZ
  • 30yo single psychologist xenogamer into kittens and wetware DECT 3314 Threema EY6ZPK6A

Twink video meetup (if you are shy) :P :

Queer seeking Queer

Colorful 37 year-old non-binary femme gender-skeptic relationship anarchist seeks fellow queer to get to know. Let’s talk or cuddle or do kinky things. I’m interested in long conversations, music, food, geeky things, and social justice/helping fellow humans be free User:em

Other Seeks Other

I'm a non-women, couples, binary non-cis genderqueer sexually fluid cephalopod identifying mocca frappe latte with a childish love for everything fun and am seeking company. freebird

Kinky Guy, switch, looking for interesting people (all genders), mainly for BDSM-y play. Dr. Entropy

I am a kinky men also into bdsm-play, if interested in a session together contact me on [] (bi interested)

I missed to get in touch with a trans girl, with long dark hairs, wearing blue leggins, today. Maybe I'm lucky this way? my userpage

Free hugs

  • Free hugs and encouragement at Computerwerk Assembly or via DECT 2932, ask for Yolo
  • Free Hugs & maybe some talking to give away. c-agent
  • Anyone in need of a hug (or several hugs, also long hugs) and/or some talking to someone contact regines - DECT: 4844 (HUGG as in hugging)
  • The Compiler also has free hugs to offer - DECT: 8404 — Last year's review by Wasamasa ★★★★★ - Magnificent. Didn't expect to get sandwich hugged by both you and regines. Highly recommended!
  • proteus also has free hugs or cuddles available
  • kitzune rainbow fox offering free hugs - DECT KITZ (5489).