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Description WHAT DO YOU USE FOR X?

Call out the BEST and WORST open source software, websites, and practices. Ask questions and learn from others. Tell everyone about something that is really missing and organize to solve it? Share scripts?? Etc.

Relaxed get-together + Pad note-taking + Learning.

Focus: Groupware / Collaboration / "Workflow".

Type Discussion
Kids session No
Keyword(s) software, web, hacking, coding
Tags software, tools, opensource, discussion, lol
Person organizing
Language en - English
en - English
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Starts at 2017/12/2x hh:00
Ends at TBD
Duration TBD
The date "2017/12/2x hh:00" was not understood.

TIME+SPACE NOT FIXED YET! IT WILL BE PUBLISHED HERE ASAP and on Probably around Day 3, late like 10PM? Like last year. "Bring a beer."

OK, this is the second edition!

Last year we had a good time and wrote this together in one hour, on a pad:

This year, let's try to look at it, and discuss it. I'd like to talk more about how to continue working during the year as well. Any ideas welcome!