Session:Giveth: Decentralizing the Non-Profit World

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Description Giveth is a radically transparent, not-for-profit community developing open source projects aimed at DAO-fying the non-profit world and building the future of giving. Q&A after a short talk.
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Subtitle Building Transparent Communities with Smart Contracts
Starts at 2017/12/30 17:00
Ends at 2017/12/30 17:30
Duration 30 minutes
Location Room:Chaos West Stage

Giveth enables communities to efficiently share resources and achieve network effect so that they can create a change in the world.

Imagine a community dedicating themselves to supporting open source hardware projects. They would have their own chat room (Discord, Riot, Slack, whatever) to organize and chat about projects in general. Donors could donate directly to this community like a normal non-profit, without having to pick a specific project, but maintain the ability to veto where their money is going if they want to actively participate. So if their funds go to support the Monero hardware wallet, but they don't like anonymity, they could veto it and find an OpenBDS Project they want to support. Either way the donor would get the ability to contact both the Monero Hardware Wallet and OpenBDS's community on social media.

Giveth is 100% non-profit and unlike kickstarter/gofundme no central party will ever take a cut out of the funds that have been raised for other causes.

Giveth is built upon a solid foundation of transparent accounting using smart contracts. These enable donors to trace what their funds were used for and enable experimentation with decentralized governance protocols to be done. Imagine an organization that whats to implement an experimental liquid democracy system, they could test it live by using it with Giveth to decide which projects to fund that will address the homeless issues in Berlin, before going live for their own project.

Our community is open and growing! We are using our own system reward our contributors. Join the party: