Session:Food Hacking: Cheese Rendez-vous

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Starts at 2017/12/28 19:00
Ends at 2017/12/28 20:30
Duration 90 minutes
Location Assembly:Foodhackingbase
Starts at 2017/12/28 20:30
Ends at 2017/12/28 22:00
Duration 90 minutes
Location Assembly:Foodhackingbase

To secure spot on the Session one please sign in here.

To secure spot on the Session two please sign in here.

"The Camembert Monster!"

The cheese lovers already know, this is a must. Cultivated through event to event you will feel like in a stinky heaven! The "cheese tasting train" delivering the samples to you will be there so do not worry, no extra moves needed ...

Each session is open to 20 people max, please do sign in advance, you can just show up before the event, we will keep some walk in spots but do not relay on it, this is one of ours most popular events. If you can bring some specific local or extraordinary cheese/s or other related condiments like sun dried tomatoes, good quality olives, mustards, wine etc that would be great. If you are bringing cheese please do label it well with at least it's name and type of milk used, your nick or name would come handy too, check the table below and add it if you can.

As our other events it is donation based event, no one turned away for lack of funds. If you can afford it, please do chip in we are talking about few hundreds eu here in ingredient cost (all paid in advance). FHB will be getting the base selection of high quality cheeses with other samples surrounding, plus some basic condiments. Note that due to the interest in previous years we are going to run three sessions each one hour and half long.

So lets meet all together again enjoying these lovely creations! Here you can find cheeses which are going to be present for sure but keep in mind that good half of the cheeses will be not listed here (before the event), they will just appear and they are worth of your attention!

List of cheeses

Cheese name Amount Type of milk Origin Person bringing it Note
Camembert de Normandie 750 g raw cow milk Normandie, Cotentin Algoldor local, high quality, organic, well aged
Tête de Moine 400 g unpasteurized whole cow's milk Bellelay, Switzerland bigmacête_de_Moine
'Grand cru' old dutch goat cheese 300 g goat milk Netherlands bigmac hard goat cheese, gouda style
'Forgotten' goat cheese 300 g goat milk Netherlands bigmac 4 year old hard goat cheese, gouda style
'over-aged' gouda 300 g cow milk Netherlands bigmac 100 week old dutch cheese
'truffel and mushroom' gouda 300 g cow milk Netherlands bigmac mild dutch cheese with summer truffel and other mushrooms
Murcia al vino 117 g goat milk Spain bigmac aged in wine
Camembert filled with truffle cream 300 g cow milk France bigmac Filled after ripening
Shopshire blue 200 g cow milk England bigmac blue veined cheddar
Morbier 200 g cow milk France bigmac firm farmers cheese with ash vein
Couronne cendree 200 g raw goat milk France bigmac coated in ashes of vines
Testun Al Barolo 200 g sheep and cow milk Italy bigmac aged in Barolo grape mush
Black truffle Pecorino 200 g ewe's milk (sheep) Sicily, Italy bigmac Pecorino laced with truffel
Roquefort 500 g sheep milk Roquefort sur Soulzon, Aveyron, France Algoldor high quality roquefort bought in France

Don't forget - reserve yourself a seat for the tasting - buy the cheese perk in our crowd funding campaign!