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Level CCL +2
Size (in m²) 47
Seats 30
  • projector
  • no tables
This room is avaliable for Static:Self-organized_Sessions

Lecture room 12 is one of the smaller workshop room in the CCL, has no tables and is best suited for smaller lecturing sessions or meetings.


SessionEvent TitleStartDuration
Stagemanager Introduction-MeetingStagemanager Introduction-Meeting26 December 2017 20:15:00120
Subtitles-EngelmeetingSubtitles-Engelmeeting27 December 2017 15:00:0030
“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty27 December 2017 16:00:00150
LehrerstammtischLehrerstammtisch - the teachers meeting27 December 2017 20:00:0060
Subtitles-EngelmeetingSubtitles-Engelmeeting27 December 2017 21:00:0030
Junghackertag WissenschaftsschnitzeljagdJunghackertag Wissenschaftsschnitzeljagd28 December 2017 11:00:0090
Subtitles-EngelmeetingSubtitles-Engelmeeting28 December 2017 13:00:0030
Gehen drei Wissenschaftler in eine KneipeGehen drei Wissenschaftler in eine Kneipe - “Plötzlich Wissen!”: Eine etwas andere Art der Wissenschaftskommunikation28 December 2017 14:00:0075
Geschichten aus dem KriegGeschichten aus dem Krieg28 December 2017 15:30:0060
HTML, CSS and a little bitHTML, CSS and a little bit28 December 2017 17:00:0060
Decentralized WebDecentralized Web28 December 2017 18:30:0060
Bridging messengers with Matrix.orgBridging messengers with Matrix.org28 December 2017 19:45:0045
All Creatures WelcomeAll Creatures Welcome - backer meeting and open discussion28 December 2017 20:30:0060
Faith in mathematics (Wondrous Mathematics)Faith in mathematics (Wondrous Mathematics)29 December 2017 11:30:0060
Binärgewitter HörertreffenBinärgewitter Hörertreffen29 December 2017 13:00:0060
Replicant Install FestReplicant Install Fest29 December 2017 14:00:00180
Intro to Qubes OSIntro to Qubes OS29 December 2017 17:00:0060
Microdosing Psychedelics:roundtable discussionMicrodosing Psychedelics:roundtable discussion29 December 2017 18:00:0090
Network hacks for smart attacksNetwork hacks for smart attacks29 December 2017 19:30:0090
Organising a CryptoParty, reports and experiences from the fieldOrganising a CryptoParty, reports and experiences from the field29 December 2017 21:00:0060
Computer Forensics introduction + Q&AComputer Forensics introduction + Q&A29 December 2017 23:59:00120
Einführung in BlockchainEinführung in Blockchain30 December 2017 11:30:0060
Inflationsphänomene und -probleme in MMORPGsInflationsphänomene und -probleme in MMORPGs30 December 2017 12:30:0030
DynDNS and DNS with DNSSEC, IPv6 and RESTful APIDynDNS and DNS with DNSSEC, IPv6 and RESTful API30 December 2017 13:00:0060
Sharding and Proof of Stake - Vlad ZamfirSharding and Proof of Stake - Vlad Zamfir30 December 2017 14:00:0030
“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty30 December 2017 14:30:00150



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