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the window of opportunity is open wide. because of you. you came here to share, to know, to help, to tale. at this moment, you feel save and warm. you will spread out from here, knowing that you might not see each other again tomorrow or anytime soon. but you know, that you have to stand together, as the paths ahead promise to be stormy. you need to stand together not only in the comfortzone of your friends, cities and laptops, but stand together globally. decentralized. beyond mental and physical borders. to shape the coming journey, you have to spread out, use your skills and know your weaknesses. it is about dedication and the power of the many. it is about weakness and the diversity of it. this is a task for every single one of you and at the same time, this task can only be dealt wih in community: to give each other a feeling of purpose and self-worth and overcome the fear of complexity. to create and support a way of living that works for everyone. it is about collaboration.

if you are komona, you can make it work. the warmth comes out of the chaos.

re: the game is on. hello world