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TOTA Contest

TOTA is a satirical ham radio contest targeted to increase ham radio activity at 34C3. TOTA is an abbreviation for toilets on the air and refers to well-known ham radio programs like IOTA (islands on the air) and SOTA (summits on the air).

Used frequencies

Our main frequency is 430.200 MHz in FM mode. You may call CQ or work interesting TOTA references on this frequency - no need for QSY.

Please note that 430.200 MHz is an amateur radio frequency and must not be used without an official license. Feel free to listen with your favorite radio or SDR device, but please do not push the transmit button without a license. If you would like to participate, come to the Chaoswelle assembly. They have educational licenses and can allow you to transmit legally under their supervision.

Contest exchange

Report + TOTA reference number Examples: You are 59 T13. You are 59 without TOTA reference

Calling CQ

While calling CQ, please state your callsign and the TOTA reference you are activating. Example: CQ TOTA. CQ TOTA. This is DL0XYZ in TOTA T05.

Working other stations

You may work calling TOTA stations even if you are not operating from a TOTA location yourself. However, TOTA to TOTA (t2t) QSOs will be stated separately in the final results.


Bildschirmfoto von »2017-12-28 16-47-48«.png There is an online logbook with real-time logbook check available at You will also find a list of the TOTA references you activated and the TOTA references you worked.

Where to find TOTA places

Have a look at c3nav TOTA overlay. Every publicly accessible toilet within the Messe Leipzig should have a TOTA reference. There should be a sheet of paper pinned to the entrance door which states the reference number.


TOTA T13 is a lie. There is no T13 reference at 34C3.