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Description Will print nice logos on your Shirts. BYOS (Bring Your Own Shirts)
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Tags T-Shirts, Silkscreen, Siebdruck, Schreen printing
Located at assembly Assembly:ramrod
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Whats the hell are we doing?

We will bring silkscreen equipment to print on your T-Shirts.

As it not possible for us to prepare the screens on the venue we will prepare them before.

What will we print?

Look at the silksceens to see the designs will print to your shirts.

Telnet 30x10cm
Telnet klein 10x3.5cm
Vollbitverschlüsselt 31x16cm

What does it cost?

We do it free of charge, we have no sponsor, we do it just for fun.

We will have some colors but we will not print every logo in all colors.

But we will bring only a few Shirts


Please Bring Your Own Shirt.