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Description A small post office to send post cards from and also delivering postcards to the congress visitors!
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Welcome to the Chaos Communication Congress Post Office (c3po)

We will send and receive postcards within the congress building and to and from the outside world as well.


During 34C4, C3PO postal services are offered at the following locations:

  • main office, halle 2. DECT 5887
  • zweigstelle, shell beach. DECT 7149

Postcards to the Congress

Before the Congress starts you can send your postcards to the Congress to these participating hackerspaces. They will bring your postcards to the Congress building. Make sure to send your postcard timely enough to arrive before the 26th.

Hamburg, Germany:

c3po - <Name of Congress visitor>
c/o CCC Hansestadt Hamburg e. V.
Zeiseweg 9
22765 Hamburg


c3po - <Name of Congress visitor>
c/o Segmentation Vault
Hackerspace St. Pölten
Heinrich-Schneidmadl-Str. 15, Top 0.23
3100 St. Pölten

If you want to help out just add your address to this list or contact us to do so and bring the received postcards to the Congress.

D2A Postcard Interface

We also have a printer which will act as digital to analog postcard interface, so everyone who didn't make it to the Congress can send a postcard to a visitor online during the Congress. The link to the online form will be posted here.

Postcards from the Congress

We got a few nice postcards printed and some congress themed cancellation stamps. Come find us and let your beloved hackers on-site or outside know your favorite payload that fits on a postcard.

Bring stamps and more postcards so we have enough of them to send all your messages outside of the Congress through the German Post.


Find us on twitter or send us an email.