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Description To get many (physical) parameters and values you need mostly the same amount of instruments. Rarely you can log, yet alone get to the measured data.

Imagine one device that measures all the different physical parameters with not many, but one single device that can log, analyze and share countless parameters at once. Imagine a transparent system you can contribute to and an open community you can work with, resulting in something great - the whole is greater than its parts - with seemingly infinite use cases.

Tags tricorder, data, measure, apps, analysis, open science, open data, open knowledge, open source
Person organizing User:Robert S
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 4
Desired timeframe begin


With a little research (almost) everyone can measure and calculate the necessary parameters to detect mold (probability) in a wet space. But you need at least 3 instruments and quite some calculations.

In a work space you get a head ache when there's too much CO2, a light flickers, an (in)audible sound is around or for many different other reasons...

You wander through life and wonder how much pollution and particulate matter is in the air.

Imagine one device that can help you with all of these use cases and many more. Imagine further a community that does the same and can help you with your data, develop apps for this one device for continues more use cases, so you can grasp your surroundings increasingly better. Imagine one website, a hub where all measured parameters, data and corresponding knowledge is stored and existing Citizen Science platforms are linked in a secure, safe and anonymous way.

We're working on that