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Contact exxess: / DECT 3937


Description Assembly of some (mostly) Bavarian hacker-/makerspaces or related groups
Members Casandro, ChristianD, Exxess, Faheus, Fbl, Joo, JosefFriedrich, Marove, Mayosemmel, MikeTsenatek, Noby, RalfZ, RedDog, TobT
Projects Bildschirmtext, Nibbleklammer
Self-organized Sessions Weisswurstfrühstück
Related to Assembly Assembly:Chaosvermittlung
Tags hackerspace, community, soldering
Registered on
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes Weisswurst breakfast

Nibbleklammer workshop

Orga contact
Brings Workshop "Nibbleklammer" (blinking LED workshop)

Pixelflut (planned on 3 projectors)

Projects There will be a 24/7 self organizing soldering workshop. 5 soldering stations and thousands of blining LEDs and Magnets
Uses money yes we handle money
Need fibre yes its essential
Extra Power Just some schukos spread over the tables (please at least 3 x single phase, we will bring many devices)
Near passage whatever
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 40
Extra seats 0
Aread needed 40
Arrival and build up 18.12. (2 people, mostly chaosvermittlung)

22.12. (4 people, mostly chaosvermittlung + NOC) 25.12. (many people)


This assembly is a space for the following groups from Bavaria to gather and work on projects:
- Binary Kitchen (Regensburg)
- FabLab Nürnberg
- Fachschaft Informatik OTH Regensburg
- more to follow (?)

There will be a workshop regarding thousands of blinking LEDs. Let's build some Nibbleklammern
Also there will be a Weißwurst breakfast!