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Contact larsan (
Description Hackerspace Braunschweig, this will not be just some random projects, this will be a hackerspace on display.
Members 53c70r, Asdftest, Bluebrother, Bwunterstrich, ChaosRambo, Chrissi^, Clowneat3r, Coldney, DG1LEK, Dadada,, DigitalDragon, DooMMasteR, DrGreen, Drc, Eruvanos, Evylon, Fiel, Flauschzelle, Flaxo, Flezie, Flooohrian, Floxy, Fototeddy, Hellfyre, Ignifazius, Invis, Jakob, K, Kaefergeneral, Kai der Hai, Kasalehlia, KeinSozialismusIstAuchKeineLoesung, Keydara, Khaosgrille, Konrad, Ktrask, Larkinia, Larsan, Lenaschimmel, LeonieW, Lichtfeind, Lisstem, Magenbitter, Marsmeen, MentalShirt, Mist, Mutnip, Neominik, Nessie … further results
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Tags hackerspace, making, diy, ctf, hackenopenair, hoa, freifunk, coderdojo, digital courage
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Provides stage yes
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes hackerspace interconnection, hackerspace bookkeeping, soldering workshop, coderdojo mentor exchange, ATmusic, s0light
Orga contact
Brings Mensadisplay, (famous) Twitter printer, Cutting plotter, 3D-Printer, projectors and screens, beanbag chairs, HOA-Woodpecker (rather bright),
Projects Self-organized sessions: hackerspace interconnection, hackerspace bookkeeping, …
Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
Extra Power Yes, with mensadisplay, projectors, light installations, countless laptops etc. we might peak above 3.5 at times. 2*3.5kW should suffice, however.
Near passage yes its essential
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 30
Extra seats 8
Aread needed 96
Arrival and build up Arrival on the evening of 26th, some basic buildup then, main buildup morning of 27th.


We asked ourselves: What is our space known for? Other Spaces might have singular projects that they are known for, but when visitors describe our space, most frequently, we are "the living room of the hackerspaces". So what we want to bring to congress is rather simple: Our Hackerspace. In small. Our Chillraum for talks and presentations and comfortably sitting together, our Frickelraum for Making stuff, electronics and textiles, the Holodeck for space-feeling and other rooms. Of course we will have to compromise on some points because we do not intend to build up a full featured kitchen or bathroom, which will be replaced by representative decoration (our actual bathroom features a disco ball, fyi). So we plan to build a small hackerspace - open for everyone.

How many people will be located at our assembly? We expect a relatively large number of people using our assembly as "base of operations" additional to several dozen of our own hackerspace members, many students (60, to be precise) from TU Braunschweig will sit with us. While there are overlappings, we are not completely congruent.

Regarding the requested area needed, we need approximately half of it free to place our Mensadisplay(which features a large table for 6-8) and other stuff we bring. With a surplus of chairs relative to table area.