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Description We do crazy shit with FPGAs. our focus is open source tool chains for reverse engineered FPGAs
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags hardware, fpga, programmable logic, verilog, vhdl, xilinx, altera, lattice
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Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes programming FPGAs, Formal verification of Verilog, design and verification of Risc-V CPUs
Orga contact
Brings Demo Installations, FPGA boards, computers, network infrastructure, soldering,
Projects FPGA programming
Uses money yes we handle money
Need fibre no
Extra Power no
Near passage whatever
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 10
Extra seats 0
Aread needed 25
Arrival and build up


All open source FPGA enthusiasts will meet here. We work on reverse engineering, show our FPGA controlled electronic demos, drive LEDs and motors.