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Contact Marco, Twitter: @marco_bartsch
Description Could Berlin benefit from a new hackerspace?
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Self-organized session notes - Discussion/s - Could Berlin benefit from a new hackerspace?

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Projects - Let's build a cool, diverse, international hackerspace in Berlin
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Could Berlin benefit from a new hackerspace?

There are some pretty cool hackerspaces/makerspaces in Berlin with diverse communities, awesome people, projects and events. But after months at Noisebridge in San Francisco and getting excited there about seeing people from diverse backgrounds and all skill levels working on awesome projects and supporting each other - I wonder:

- Can Berlin benefit from a new hackerspace?

-- even more diverse

-- even more welcoming to an international audience and the diverse people already living in Berlin

-- even more welcoming of beginners

-- even more awesome for the people who join the space

Would it make sense to start a new hackerspace for this? If yes: How should this space be?

The plan for congress: organising one or multiple workshops at congress about this question.

Join the discussion and looking forward to see you all :)