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Contact Silvia Sanchez 0176 8745 9694,
Description The Fedora project is a large world-wide project with the primary goal of producing the Fedora Linux distribution.
Members Jonatoni
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chaos competence center Cluster:Rights & Freedoms
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Tags arduino, tea, bitcoin, black forest, bsd, ccc, free knowledge, stuttgart, freifunk, gnu, gnupg, hackerspace, linux, privacy, open source, foss, os
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Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes We are discussing to hold a workshop about RPM packaging to be able to contribute packages to the Fedora project as a package maintainer. Also a session describing all the areas Fedora is involved in and the services that exist besides the packages that can be installed in the distribution is a possible topic. If you have a request for a certain Fedora related session, please let us know.
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Brings Laptops, some hardware to play with, banners, swag and maybe a Raspberry or blinking lights.
Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
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Near passage whatever
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 2
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Arrival and build up On December 26.


The four foundations of the Fedora community are Freedom, Friends, Features and First. We hope to make new friends at the Congress and show you all the features Fedora has to offer. Fedora consists of free and open source software including all tools used to build Fedora. Even the infrastructure is as open as possible. If you want to know something about Fedora or are interested into getting involved in friendly world-wide project, please come to our assembly.