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Description We are digital rights NGO based in Vienna working on privacy and freedom of speech online. If you want to talk about Net Neutrality or Austrian politics, come find us.
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Self-organized Sessions Revolutionizing Large-scale Digital Activism with Barrett Brown's Pursuance Project
Subassembly of Assembly:EDRi
chaos competence center Cluster:Rights & Freedoms
Tags digital rights, net neutrality, überwachungspaket, sobotka, data retention, vorratsdatenspeicherung, staatsschutzgesetz, bundestrojaner, staatstrojaner, government spyware, surveillance, freedom of speech
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Location for self-organized sessions no
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Brings information material about our NGO, very cool T-Shirts and interesting people that can answer questions about digital rights in Europe.
Uses money yes we handle money
Need fibre no
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Near passage yes its essential
Character of assembly just a gathering space
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Arrival and build up 25 December 2017 20:00


" for digital rights" is an Austria-based fundamental rights NGO with a focus on privacy and freedom of speech on the internet. Formerly known as the Working Group on Data Retention Austria (AKVorrat) the organisation succeeded with its complaint in the in the Court of Justice of the European Union that lead to the abolishment of the EU Data Retention Directive in 2014. It also played a leading role in the political debate on net neutrality protections in the EU via the campaign The aim of the organisation is to protect fundamental rights online and offline. To this end, closely follows legislative processes on the national and EU level, and provides tools to empower citizens to make their voices heard.