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Description Let's talk about energy! The grid, renewable energy, storage, efficiency, electro-mobility, climate change ...
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Tags energy, power, grid, electro-mobility, climate change
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First year will be an experiment, but I know a lot of people are interested in this field. As it is an experiment, please place the assembly close to OpenStreeMap, so that I don't need to sit there alone if nobody is interested.


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Let's talk about energy!

  • Without power all our fancy devices are only bricks!
  • With the actual way to produce power we will destroy the planet!
  • The grid is the largest machine ever build!

Topics and projects to talk about:

  • Photovoltaic and Wind energy
  • Climate change
  • Electrical grid, home automation
  • electromobility and charging stations
  • efficient heating
  • weather predictions
  • energy storage and more

Projects we work on on-site or present:

We are located: