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Contact Alan McGowan
Description Hi, we are from Glasgow electron club (hackerspace) which is located in Scotland. It is going to be 5 of us this year attending CCC and we would like to have a desk. We will be showing various iot hacks and micro controllers. Also we will bring whisky for tasting sessions (of course) :)
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags hackerspace, scotland
Registered on
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions no
Orga contact
Brings various iot electronics
Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
Extra Power no
Near passage whatever
Character of assembly just a gathering space
Seats needed 4
Extra seats 0
Aread needed 0
Arrival and build up evening 26th of December


We want to present our work and engage with other iot enthusiasts.