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Description We run a FTTB and radio based gigabit network for 3000 users.
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Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Related to Assembly Assembly:StuStaNet, Assembly:Selfnet e.V.
Tags studentennetz, students, university, free networks, network, net neutrality, isp
Registered on
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions no
Orga contact
Brings Flight case with networking hardware (switches, servers, etc...).
Uses money no money handling
Need fibre yes its essential
Extra Power no
Near passage whatever
Character of assembly just a gathering space
Seats needed 5
Extra seats 0
Aread needed 8
Arrival and build up 25th of December 15:00


We try to provide a stable and unrestricted network for our 3000 members. This includes deploying enterprise grade networking hardware and servers as well as developing our own software, such as a CMS, a RADIUS based authentication system and administrative tools (

We currently work on deploying WIFI for our members, assimilating new dormitories (all your dormitories belong to us!) and updating our infrastructure.