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Congress - 34C3


Giggity =

For many conferencess, including Chaos Communication Congress.

  • Availabe on [1]
  • Source code on [2]
  • At least 6 years old and still mantained

34C3 Schedule

This Android app allows you to view the conference schedule of the Chaos Communication Congress.


Android frontend for

Schedule Conflict Resolvr

Android frontend for



[3] ConfClerk is an application written in ​Qt, which makes conference schedules available offline. It displays the conference schedule from various views, supports searches on various items (speaker, speech topic, location, etc.) and enables you to select favorite events and create your own schedule.

At the moment ConfClerk is able to import schedules in XML format created by the ​PentaBarf conference management system (or ​frab) used by ​FOSDEM, ​DebConf, ​Grazer Linuxtage, the ​CCC congresses, ​FrOSCon, and ​many others.


NOTE: Please update this section for 34C3!

All talks and workshops in one HTML