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Where to find the NOC Helpdesk

NOC Helpdesk is in the Hall on the first floor between Saal 8 and Saal A. The DECT-Number of the NOC Helpdesk is 1212.

What does the NOC Helpdesk do

The NOC Helpdesk will help any and all of the visitors and angels if they have some kind of network problem, whether they can't connect or packets are dropping. It also provides access to the Colo, for people who want to put their servers on the congress-net. Furthermore they have access to the monitoring system of the congress-net so they can tell on first sight if it is a bigger problem or just a small, localized problem.

Angels at the NOC Helpdesk don't need to be network wizards, they just have a basic understanding of what a network is und how it works. They don't have to setup switches and so on, so you don't need to have a working knowledge of how to do it. They try to diagnose problems reported by visitors and contact the NOC (Network Operation Center) for Resolution if it's a bigger issue.


If you want to bring your server into the colocation, please come first without your server and grab the official form at the NOC Helpdesk. An IPv4 address will be assigned for your server and you will have to configure it properly (static) before it can be brought into the colocation. Otherwise you would be only able to access your server via IPv6 in the first case.

The sheet of paper is necessary, because it also contains other important and useful information for you. Please be sure to bring the part of paper you will get handed-out back when taking back your server. The other part of the form will have to be sticked onto your server so it can be easily localized in the colo.