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Kidspace rocket (CC)


The Kidspace is meant to provide a space for kids and parents with their special needs. It is a permanent part of the Chaos Communication Congress since 2013.

But we still need parents, helpers and of course the kids to fill the provided space with life.


Duplo corner at Kidspace/31c3 (picture by @ploenne)

The Kidspace will be placed at the foyer "ZF1" at the 3rd level in front of hall 1 (see this old figure from 29c3).


Bringing Toys always a good idea! But remember: We have kids up from 1 years old at the ground. So toys which can be sucked by babies shall not lay around unattended - same for the babies ;)

Usually people at the congress are much about that things do not get lost. If you'll still lose something you may have a good chance to find it at the lost & found (ask infodesk). Unfortunately, if things get broken we cannot compensate that.

Bringing Duplo & Lego

Duplo bricks
We need your help! The Kidspace requires more Duplo!! Call for donations:

This year, kidspace will be at the Chaos Communication Congress the fourth time. We’ve already started to prepare the aforementioned attractions. The duplo blocks which had been thankfully provided to us were always popular attraction. However, this year it won’t work out and since we’re missing the blocks already, we’d really want to create a new stock. In order to start with that right away, we’d really like to ask to check your old box of toys, your cellars or attics for duplo blocks which you could donate.

The math is really simply: If every single one of the 12.000th visitors brings one block, then we’d have 12.000 blocks altogether! Of course, it is a tad unlikely that each visitor is going to bring a block – so please, if you can spare your duplo collection or any blocks, bring them to Congress or send them to Hamburg in advance:

Attention, new address! Please do ship to CCH again!

CCH – Congress Center Hamburg Am Dammtor / Marseiller Str. z.H. CCC / Kidspace 20355 Hamburg

On big request: The blocks need to be clean or need be washed beforehand. That is easy to do, really – put them in a bag made of cloth and put that in your washing machine, wash at a maximum of 40° C, then just let them dry in the air. If you want to bring blocks to congress, please drop them off at the kidspace (Tween deck in front of hall 1 on the second flor). We collect blocks and store them to be used at other chaos events.

Child Care

There won't be any professional child care at the Kidspace!

Parents are advised take care of their own kids and when possible have an eye on the others.

If parents would like to leave their kids alone they need to get in contact with others and self-organize for caring. A good way to get in contact is the mailing list (see below).

If kids are left unattended at the kidspace they shall have at least an easy to find paper card with their parents mobile or dect number on it, so that others can contact them in case of any complication. Also those kids should be able to contact their parents somehow whenever they like.


Mailing List

We have installed a mailing list for parents and helpers. Just send a mail to to become a member.


Fixed schedules will be listed here and we have a twitter account for live announcements. If you use twitter please follow @c3kidspace to get what's upcoming.


We recommend that you bring DECT phones for you and your kids (see eventphone)

To reach the Kidspace organisation team from build-up until tear-down you can simply dial K-I-D-S (5437).


There will be a special wristband for Kids <12y this year again and it's limited so you should register to be safe that you get one. Please write a mail to with subject "wristband", the number of attending kids, their ages and names (if you like).

Please read @c3kidspace at twitter because we will announce the times where you can get your registered wristbands at the Kidspace near the ball bath. If you cannot read twitter or we miss us please call K-I-D-S with DECT to contact us.


Baby Corner

A silent corner to calm kids down or for breast feeding. There will also be a swaddling place.


Silk-Screen Printing

Please bring your own t-shirts to print them at this workshop.

We build Vibrobots

A Vibrobot may be the simplest way to build a robot. Without much effort you can build a small creature, that moves over the floor by itself.

For more info see Vibrobots basteln für Kids.

This workshop will take place at the day 1 from 2pm until 4pm at Workshop-Area/Kidspace.

Light Painting Session

Light Painting
Build some LED Throwies and paint with light.

This workshop will take place at the day 2 from 4pm open ended at Workshop-Area/Kidspace.


Ball bath

I can only show you the bath. YOU have to jump into it!


  • No shoes
  • No drinks
  • No food
  • No wires
  • Beware of the black hole at the bottom - it eats your stuff!
  • Please keep the balls within the bath - at least sometimes ;)

AR Sandbox

Some may have missed it last year, but the AR Sandbox will be available again this year.

Dance Dance Revolution

(more information pending)

Sound Pong

Use the sound intensity of your voice to play pong, the first video game of the world.

The game idea goes back to the "Telespiele" TV show of Thomas Gottschalk from 1977 to 1981, the follow-up show of the "Montagsmaler". Two Groups of spectators battled against each other by using collective intelligence.

Try with two groups or own your own, have fun!

contact: @pegx_,

Space Station

Space Station (Own work Lukas B)

Looks like a space station: A solar sail giving enough power for free minds and creativity. Kids can read an awesome book or draw colorful pictures. They can hear an audio book or audio drama about a favorite hero. A sheltered place where kids can relax, chill out and dream. Bring your own books, SciFi audio drama, audio player and headphones.


Pixln (from "pixeln", german for to pixel) is a collection of toys, experiments, installations, and experiences about pixels.

At the kidspace you can meet pixels and observe them in the wild. You can make your own pixel. Pixelate your friends and family, or yourself. Create text and images with pixels by hand. Go on an expedition into colour space.

We have bixels (very big pixels), interactive pixelators (they pixelate you), pixels for mosaics, pixel generators (to make your own pixel), and all you need to build your own pixelgrid (so you can pixelate your TV or computer screen).

Come pixln at the kidspace. :)


Kids Trolls

The idea behind the "kids trolls" is - in principle - to mesh up the younger kids with the older nerds (which might have also been kids, when they started with computers and electronics hacking) in areas elswhere at the Congress. The intution behind that is to get more attention from the nerds for the kids' needs and their integration.

There currently are several ideas of possible action:

Party Hijacking

The idea is to occupy the party because kids are usually not allowed to go there. Kids are also interested in what happens at the party area and so this is some kind of a gated community to kids. An example of a thinkable action in that way might be to organize a spontaneous kids party at the party location. In that example it would be nice to have a kid which has it's birthday within the event so that we can build an original kids birthday party.

Kids Demonstration

The idea behind the "kidspace demonstration" is to provide the kids with materials and tools for building banners like in a political demonstration and walk through the Congress as a group. The goal might not have to be some aggressive kind of "we need something" or "change something" or ...whatever. Instead it also could be just messages, like "tell me what you're doing" or "Please explain" or "Isn't that dangerous that way?" or something similar just to get into conversation with the older nerds. But at last the kids have to decide, what they want to stand for. Maybe it's good to make a flyer to inspire the kids to own there right to demonstrate - like getting part of a movement. Building banners could be done within the "Hall H" like a workshop.

There is no game for kids

The people from the "there is no game" project want to organize a track for kids which will also leed them arround the congress place.

Kids @ Snowglobe

There will be a pretty little dance floor outside the building called "Snowglobe" where the following kids compatible program will take place:


Day 2: 12:00-14:00

Interactive performance with dance workshops, snow tigers and a roaming photo booth where you can have your polaroid taken

Dj Kekse

Day 2: 14:00-15:00 & 17:00-18:00

Hand puppet DJ

Knöpfchen und Anton

Day 3: 12:00-14:00

Max (the big one from RSS Disco) and Anton (his little son) will play music for small and not that small kids.

More Information

What's missing?

see the Calendar at Kidspace

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