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The heaven is the home of the angels. It is located in Room 7 and in front of room 7 and provides the angels a place to stay. In heaven you'll find coffee, tea, and sometimes food as well as nice people to chat and hack with.

In addition you will find a hackcenter, a place were you can leave your personal belonings (at your own risk) as well as some couches and maybe a beamer in the lounge area of the heaven, to chill and to watch talks.

Please contribute yourself to make the heaven a nice place!

(please Contact the orga if you could bring some heavy stuff for this)

Angel Meetings will be at:

  • Day 0 (26.),
  • Day 1 (27.),
  • Day 2 (28.),
  • Day 3 (29.)

13:00 a.m. (13:00 h)
07:45 p.m. (19:45 h)

  • Day 4 (30.)
03:00 p.m. (15:00 h)
  • Day 5 (31.)

for recent Angel Meetings have a look at Engelsystem - Meetings

If you want to join the angels and like to take some of the available shifts, please register yourself at the Engelsystem and join the nice team of helpful hands that make the congress happen.