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/dev/zero +FlappyBot - A Raspberry Pi plays FlappyBird with Servo-Touchpen and Camera Documentation: BalloonShooter - Detects and shoots ballons in 2m range automatically Documentation: and 1D WLAN LED-Stripes Games  +


1 – Was ist das für 1 Assembly?! +Infoscreen from scrapped parts control Home Automation Devices and displaying relevant Information from your area.  +


3D Hackspace +Conquer the world of 3D printing. We talk about 3D-CAD, slicer (used to generate GCODE) and of course 3D printers. We can help you with Rhino, OpenSCAD, Sketchup, Cura, Simplify3D and maybe even more...  +
3D-Printing +free live 3d printing  +


Aaaaaaaaaaaa +Labyrinth-Breadth-Algorithm-Search Pilz im Labyrinth c3troc le kritzler  +
Amnesty International Germany +information, petitions  +
Anagrom Ataf +Pixel art, building and distributing glowing stuff, creating board games, ?  +
Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF) +- Create a banner which includes the logos of previous KIF venues - Build a wall-mountable LED-powered and animated KIF/AIF Logo ;-)  +
Awp +  +


BSD +UNIX BSD Dragonfly BSD FreeBSD ... FreeNAS TrueOS ... NetBSD OpenBSD OpenSolaris Illumos OpenIndiana SmartOS ...  +
Bare Metal Arduino +Light and Movement  +
Bastelbude +Some RF experiments with IoT  +
Bytewerk +CAN-Bus hacking: Display content of CAN-Bus in an orderly fasion: USB-to-CAN adapter: Freifunk:  +


C-base +Bahnuhr, Fallblattanzeige, Floppyorgel  +
C3D2 +software defined networking, software defined radio, software, operating systemd virtualization, Chaos macht Schule, IT for refugees, FreeBSD, SmartOS, NixOS, soldering, 3D-Printing, opendata, SelfISP  +
C3S +adore & our application for permission  +
CAGE UK +We will have a laptop to show The Confession, a documentary which was shown nationwide in the UK on  +
CCC-CH +RGB Led Matrix, qutebrowser, fillygons, dezipixel, ...  +
CCCFr +freifunk chain armor  +
CONGRESS SEWING CIRCLE +Sewing and upcycling is what this assembly is dedicated to. So it will happen, like, all the time? Many people have shown their interessest for sewing workshops on twitter, so we're going to do this  +
Chaos Bodensee +This assembly will try to create new (infra)structure for all groups at lake constance (Jabber, Website, IRC etc). The goal for this congress is to found something that may be accepted as an ERFA one day. Also: We're building some fun stuff with rasperry pie for the kid's space.  +
Chaostreff Flensburg +Photobooth for hackerstock selfies with the themes "Stockimage Hackers" & "Cyberwehr". You get your image printed instantly on nice thermo-paper. It would be nice if the photobooth can stand near the elevator close to hall 3, maybe we will bring a Bällebadsortiermaschine, projectionmapping with projector on nearby walls.  +
Chaosvermittlung +Chaosvermittlung Sidechannel  +