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Geocaching at 33c3

Meetup for geocaching tour:

* Thursday (day 3), 29 December at 11:00 am, meet at Chaospatinnen Assembly - tour with huberteff, martl, batteur aiming towards Speicherstadt, then see where we come to. Bring your EGCA!

Geocaching event at CCC:

* Chaos Communication Caching - Works For Us - Wednesday, 28 December, at 11:00am at the Kindertransport memorial (Children Transport) in front of the entrance of the Dammtor station                           

Here are a number of possibly interesting geocaches:

* Alles, damit's gelingt!  (Tradi, D1.5, T1, 4569 FP) - 2km west, near Sternschanze; should be easy to reach by foot or public transport
* PRISM (Multi-Mystery, D4.5, T2, 418 FP) - Hamburg's No. 1 cache 2015
* Bei den Hipstern rumhängen! (Tradi, D1.5, T1, 278 FP) - 2km from CCH, tricky!
* Der kleine Webnerd - Nr. 1 and up (Mystery, D2.5, T3, 8FP) - some way off of CCH
* Der alte Elbtunnel (Tradi, D2.3, T1.2, 2822 FP) - 3km south-west, near the harbour; lots of muggels but interesting area          
* Voss-Margarine (Multi, D2, T1.5, 5010 FP) - 7km north-east of Dammtor, last year's destination of the Chaospatinnen tour    
* TB - Schlosshotel Rasthof Stillhorn Ost (Tradi, D2, T1, 2154 FP) - 12km to south from Dammtor, needs car or some sort of public transport
* Zielinskissimus Agetatio (Tradi, D3, T1, 2008 FP) - 10km to east from Dammtor, needs car of public transport; needs 15-60min
* Down Under (Multi, D3, T1, 1683 FP) - 11km east of Dammtor                                                            
* Dobranski-Mord im Rotlichtviertel NC (Multi, D4.5, T4.5, 1332 FP) - 12km south-west of Dammtor,  needs water gear and reservation in calendar!
* PRISM - (Mystery, D4.5, T2, 418 FP) - Hafencity and harbour area, needs transport and a lot of time
* [1] bookmark list with computerish caches in Hamburg

More caches can be found in this list by OAndreas.

Interested cachers at 33c3 - feel free to ping us:

* hubertf, Contact via huberteff, Twitter: @huberteff