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USE Torrents! - aren't as slow and shitty as FTP servers

Experimental Search for the Congress (based on yacy) (python) Cyb3r xpl0r3r (Go/Ruby, IPv6+TLSv1.2 only) - all inodes in use (torture instance, Go + ElasticSearch, the fast one from last year) [currently indexing]



  • make people use secure connections whenever possible (SFTP >> FTPS >> FTP)
  • Use moar IPv6, here is your perfect playground
  • Use moar Bandwidth :-)

33c3 recordings FTP Mirrors:

Lists can be found here:

description IP legacy IP Ext.block
bytesexual: 22T, 10G, /33c3-incoming, Want: Obscure Software, Documentation, ... FTP access from 151.217/16 only, sorry! http:// or ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:202:c9ff:fe53:b20c] http:// or X
datenschleuder (40t, viel .de, hoerbuecher, dankbar fuer upload relocate due yolocolo shutdown) ftp(s)://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:c99d:1b6:2ba2:ae41] ftp(s):// solange es hell ist
Sortiertes Zeugs: Hörspiele, Musik, Filme Serien Upload in /Upload_2TB ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:6600:6aff:fe97:392e]
elchOS HUB (Overlay of 8 openwrt nodes) 12T X
filebitch: 11T 10G no incoming, Help us fill the 10G Link! ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:21b:21ff:fe90:a498]
13T +2TB 10G - write stuff to new 2TB /incoming_with_space_left - /incoming full, thanks! - GSM 4487 ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:dad3:85ff:feb1:fa30]
larissa: 5T 1G, Leaks, TV series, Dokus, Music, Game-ROMs/ISOs, pr0n, "I'm stuffed, no upload anymore" ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:225:90ff:fe13:b56c]
twix 16TiB 2x1G more comming?, upload -
Movies + Series 2TB - Raid0 at 1G (mostly german), ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:7eee:23d4:ce28:4869]
Goa, Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Psy-Trance (600GB+) - SSL Cert SHA1: 81:FE:E2:85:7D:79:10:15:2C:A8:3F:88:50:BC:DE:21:AF:77:7C:74)
Anime, Manga, Vocaloid, Emus ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1052:221:ccff:febf:e9f7] (explicit TLS supported) -
music, movies+series (mostly german) ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1025:214:fdff:fe14:7ef4]
music, movies+series (mostly german), mirror of the above ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1025:214:fdff:fe14:7ef5]
music+movies (mostly german), mirror of the server above ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1025:2e0:81ff:fe5b:3cee]
movies+tv series, Rainbowtables, upload (151.217/16 only or use IPv6) ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:1e98:ecff:fe0e:84c]
companioncube, upload ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:d250:99ff:fe5c:1106]
datensau, 14TB, 1G, upload ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:265e:beff:fe0b:4e19]
Unicorn FTP, 10TB, 1G, upload X
kulturgut, 20 TB, 10G, movies and adult ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:dead:beef::175]
pornoschleuder, 4 TB SSD, 10G ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:dead:beef::176]
seriesly ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1011:dead:beef::34] (prefer http)
ALLIGATORSUSHI, 1G, roms, several gigabytes space, upload please fill with roms! . ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:223:7dff:fed7:435a] X
10Gb/s, lots of audiobooks, some movies, series and ebooks http://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:202:c9ff:fe55:6fcc]
neophyt 2*1G, 6TB, upload X
please fill up and use all the bandwidth! ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:20c:29ff:fe1b:b63a]
This and that. Still the only half-decent collection of comic books/graphic novels at congress. ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:428d:5cff:fe4d:1b10]
ORAKEL 10G - 20 TB Movies - please upload!! 60 TB DISKS ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:202:c9ff:fe55:6fb2]
Wanderhure 10G - 30 TB Mix Stuff 6 TB SSD - please upload!! ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:8496:a2c0:ed9c:bed1]
Wanderhure 10G - 6 TB SSD - please upload!! ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:8496:a2c0:ed9c:bed1:2121] ort HTTP
ftpsrv (software/video/audio/misc)
GIVE ME ALL THE FILTY BYTES!elf (10TB HDD - Has anyone spare SSDs?) 10G
Anime, Filme, 6T, 10G X
Gimme your data - the obscure, the better! 6T, 1G
DECT 6822
Fill me. No P0rn please. 14T, 1G http,ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1172:225:90ff:fe01:5051] http,smb,nfs, X
Holy Sh*t only, please, it's the Vatican Embassy ftp server! 2TB, 1G http or
Dumps from Easterhegg 2016. 15T of free space available.
2TB 2,5" USB 3.0 @ i7-3520M, plz no porn, 2160p, 1080p movies in german! :) feel free to upload -- back with new ftp server software!
Random stuff (movies, pr0n, classified documents, music, emulator roms, ...)

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There’s an Advanced Direct Connect Hub running at:


For more information, certificate hashes etc. see .

Connections are currently only accepted from .

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