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  • awesome people everywhere
  • so many angels!
  • Catering in Heaven was awesome
  • Many families with kids
  • Unisex toilets greatly decreased the toilet queues.
  • Local mirror of the wiki worked great!


  • No possibility to get Tschunk without having to inhale smoke
    • suggestion: also sell Tschunk at the Cocktail bar on the 4th floor
  • So much smoke, it even leaked out the assemblies.
    • Suggestion: Get more ventilation or smoker rooms for the "club" area
  • CSS makes the wiki unreadable. Please make at least the uppercase transformation customizable. Made a custom CSS which removes the worst ideas  ;-)
  • Merch sales:
    • Long queue
    • Popular sizes were gone in no time
    • Suggestion: Sell Merch with the tickets. If people don't fetch their Merch by day 3 put it on sale.



Lost & Found?!

  • you find the Lost and Found at the Wardrobe (Level 0)