32C3 will cost us much more than our standard tickets will cover. Thus we’ll sell supporter tickets again. Please consider buying one of these. Help us minimize our losses and support others who can’t afford paying much more!

For more information read our Blog Post.

Ticket Prices

Category Price Comment
Standard 90 EUR no separate invoice, doesn't cover our costs
Supporter 110 110 EUR no separate invoice, but good feeling included
Supporter 130 130 EUR no separate invoice, but even better feeling included
Business Silver 450 EUR comes with an invoice that includes name and address
Business Gold 600 EUR comes with an invoice that includes name and address
Business Platinum 750 EUR comes with an invoice that includes name and address
Up-and-coming 25 EUR birthday after 26.12.1997 (younger than 18 yrs.)
Members of the CCC e.V. 80 EUR membership fees must be paid before Dec, 1st
have your Chaosnummer ready at the entrance
Day Ticket Standard TBA cash only
Day Ticket up-and-cominig TBA cash only
Further information
Children under 12 in attendance of an adult get in for free.
A single person officially accompanying a disabled person gets in for free.

How to buy Tickets

Our on-line ticket sale sold out on December 5th.

There will not be another batch of tickets for presale.

There will be an also very limited amount of day passes for sale on-site. Please note that due to the Junghackertag the number of day passes available for sale will be particularly low on day two. Day passes will be sold on the day they are valid, not the evening before.

About the Tickets

Supporter Tickets

Hosting the 32C3 in Hamburg will cost a lot of money. As we know from previous events, our standard ticket does not cover those costs. If we wanted 32C3 to make no loss, based on our current calculation, the price for a conference ticket should be something around 140 EUR.
If you feel you can afford it, and if you feel that Congress might be worth it, please consider buying a supporter ticket. Which one you choose, if any, depends on you.

Business Tickets

Including the good feeling to have supported a good cause. If you or your employer want to support our event, please consider buying one of these tickets. We try hard to keep the normal tickets very cheap. Financial sponsoring helps us in achieving this aim. By offering Supporter and Business Tickets we try to provide you with a convenient way of supporting us that usually does not even require involvement of your company's marketing department. These are the only tickets that come with an invoice including a name and an address.


We are eager to support the young generation, so we offer heavily subsidized tickets for everybody up to the age of 18 (i.e. if you are 17 or younger on Dec 26th, you are eligible for an Up-and-coming ticket). Please bring a (sufficiently convincing fake of a) document stating your age.


All orders in the on-line ticket sale need to be paid till December 20th, 2015. If you know in advance that SEPA transfer will not make it in time, better pay via credit card.

The on-line ticket sale is sold out.


See Tickets/FAQ.

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