Description Setup for a fieldphone net on the Congress
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Persons working on MarwolTuk, PhilmacFLy
Tags Telecommunications, Fieldphones, Seidenstrasse, Analouge, Retro
Located at assembly Seidenstrasse
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As we have seen on the CCCamp2015, power cuts can happen. Therefore a power independent communication channel is a must have. Furthermore would it be nice to have a way to communicate from one Seidenstraßen Node to another one. All of this and a lot more is the Sidechannel project.


The Telephone exchange will be placed in the Seidenstraßen Village. All Seidenstraßen Nodes will get a field phone. All remaining slots on the Telephone exchange will be populated as well and placed in different locations. We are also planning to have 4 Lines going to the POC to get connection into the "normal" phone net.


  • 2x FeV 10 + 2x Amtszusatz
  • 2x 800m Feldkabel
  • 1x Kurbel f. Feldkabel
  • 1x Abrollbügel
  • 1x Verbindungszange ME71
  • 2x FF33
  • 3x FF54
  • 2x SFT-800
  • 1x TA 1
  • 2x OB70
  • 8x OB86
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