Description A daemon to control your LIFX WiFi smart bulbs. It offers the same level of functionality as the HTTP LIFX API but on your LAN.
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Tags lifx, iot, smart bulb
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lightsd acts a central point of control for your LIFX WiFi bulbs. lightsd should be a small, simple and fast daemon exposing an easy to use protocol inspired by how musicpd works.

Having to run a daemon to control your LIFX bulbs may seem a little bit backward but has some advantages:

  • no discovery delay ever, you get all the bulbs and their state right away;
  • lightsd is always in sync with the bulbs and always knows their state;
  • lightsd act as an abstraction layer and can expose new discovery mechanisms and an unified API across different kind of smart bulbs;
  • For those of you with a high paranoia factor, lightsd let you place your bulbs in a totally separate and closed network.
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