Description This is the parent assembly for all student maintained network organization assemblies.
Members Cd, Degasus, Flauski, Fm, Happy, JanLo, Locu, Lukasjuhrich, Mate, MikeTsenatek, Nightvisi0n, Oconer, Percidae, Rincewind1, Siegfried, Td, The, Toothstone, Unlimitedfox, Uriel12
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Related to assembly StuStaNet, AG Dresdner Studentennetz, Selfnet
Tags networking, provider, network-services, linux, internet, university, hardware
Registered on 9 November 2015 16:05:46
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Orga contact
Brings We will bring one half-height 19"-rack for our own switch.
Character of assembly just a gathering space
Seats needed 4
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want quiet place, want sit in background, want low light, special requirements network
Planning notes We and all related assemblies (this one should be the parent) from studentennetze would like to have the same / a similar place like last year, which was left of the stage and the ball pool in hall 3. Please talk to leon for placing our assemblies. The 10G uplink in that place was well used and would be very welcome this year as well, since we will bring the necessary switch with us again.
past congress review Last year we got way too small space (just around 5 seats for well over 25 people which were there pretty much all the time (so your 1/4 rule of thumb did not apply, it was rather 1/2 or more). We had to reschedule and rearrange with numerous other assemblies ourselves to finally get two of the round tables and a third one later, which were still partly used by other assemblies.

The Studentennetze is a community of student organizations providing network access and services to fellow students in student dorms throughout germany. Most of our organizations have services like an authorization system, proxy, NAT, backup, wifi and more. This assembly serves as a parent assembly for all of them and will be a home for every student network organization, who will not visit 32c3 with enough members to register a separate assembly.

If you want to register an assembly for your own studentennetz, please select this one as parent and let me know, so I can put you in the related list. Also select „want quiet place“, „want sit in background“, „want low light“ and to be sure also note the relationship to this assembly in the planning notes field.

If you don't want to register an own assembly, let me know how many seats you need (multiply by your estimated presence factor, so if you plan to visit all the talks, you should use something like 0.2 as a factor) and I will update the seat requirement for this assembly.

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