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Description We are a bunch of hackers and makers from Dortmund and surrounding area. We'll bring light, chaos, nixies tubes, h4cked displays and a lot of fun!
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Tags hardware, electronics, flipdots, nixie tubes
Registered on 16 November 2015 15:37:14
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Self-organized session notes Nixieclock assembly workshop

Reflow soldering of 10-20 sets with low-cost tubes.

The workshop will be divided into two workshop days around lunch time. Workshop time is 2-3hrs. That includes assembly, testing and fixing. 5-6 additional seats required for the workshop ~5-7 participants/day. Lounge like light is ok, we will bring spot based working light. Also helps with the effect of the tubes ;)

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Brings Soldering Equipment, Flip Dot Displays, Random RGB Displays & Blinking Stuff
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 5
Extra seats 5
Assembly specification want sit public, want low light
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