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The Phone Operation Center (powered by Eventphone) will be present at the 31C3 this year again with a mobile DECT system and phone infrastructure. After setting up 40 base stations almost the entire area of the CCH is covered by DECT mobile telephony reception.

You can bring your own DECT phone and register it at the 31C3. So you will be able to call other 31C3 participants for free.

This year will be the 11th consecutive congress with Eventphone.


To secure your personal extension in advance please signup and register your DECT/SIP/ISDN/GSM extension here.


There is outside connectivity via PRI-ISDN over IP tunnel again. For more information visit the Linux-Call-Router project.

PSTN Dialin: +49 40-231889-xxxx


It is also possible to dial external german landline and mobile phone numbers. A short introduction can be found at the Linux-Call-Router project.


This year you can register with your GSM phone again. On the registration page at https://www.eventphone.de/guru2 you can add your mobile GSM/UMTS phone too.

  • Choose an extension. You will receive a 'token number' with your extension number.
  • Get a SIM card from the POC desk and place it in your mobile. (Cards from previous events are still valid.)
  • The mobile phone will connect to a network called "262 42", "D 42" or "CCC Event".
  • Enter the token number to your mobile phone and press the dial button. You should hear a confirmation message.
  • Dial *#100# to check your GSM extension number.

Your SIM card is now registered to our GSM network. You may change the extension number any time by entering a different token, or change the phone by entering the token there.

There is a GSM helpdesk close to the POC desk. For more information visit the Linux-Call-Router project.

Please also have a look at the GSM article for more detailed and more up-to-date information.

After the Congress

If you don't need your DECT phone anymore after the Congress consider giving it to the POC for organizing future events.


Between Events you can still be connected to us. Register a Number in our EPVPN.

Special numbers

Number Function
2088 labyrinth
8123 PoC menu
8124 music/lorem ipsum
6283 Mate-O-Meter
8463 Time
8666 Special Services
8888 Mailbox
8124 music/lorem ipsum
8001 Saal 1
8011 Saal 1 (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)
8002 Saal 2
8012 Saal 2 (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)
8004 Saal G
8014 Saal G (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)
8006 Saal 6
8016 Saal 6 (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)

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