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Audio and video angels operate and monitor audio and video equipment during talks. This is meant to ensure good audio and video quality of the streams as well as the recordings.


To become an audio or video angel you have to attend an introduction. Dates can be found in the Engelsystem.

Audio angels

Audio Angels mainly make sure that people properly talk into the microphone, during Q&A. Participants in the room might be able to hear a question without, but the stream and recordings can't. Make sure the questions get recorded! At times that can mean bringing a microphone to a chair.


Theoretically, handing the microphone to the speaker is the Herald's duty. In case the Herald is unfamiliar with the audio equipment, the audio angel should provide help.

Video Angels

There will usually be up to two video angels and one video mixer angel per room. The mixer angel in charge of choosing an appropriate video source to record and stream.


Camera angels film. Usually one video angel films the speaker from head to hands, while a second video angel films a total, including the speaker and the screen.

Never film the audience (intentionally)! It should be possible attending a talk without being filmed.

See for an german introduction video with english subtitles. This video does not replace the introduction meeting, but should cut it a little short.

Video Mixing

The video mixer angel video angel switch the video feed between different sources. This mixed video goes to the live-stream and for the later available talk-videos. He or she decides which picture is most interesting/important at each moment.

The sources to choose are the cameras or projector connected to the presenter laptop (usually the slides). Slides containing text should be shown long enough to allow both slow and fast readers to read them. As a rule of thumb, reading through the slides yourself twice usually ensures this.

A introduction video will follow.

Most important rules

  • be on time (ten minutes before the talk)
  • never film the audience
  • sound has to be recorded (make sure people speak into the microphone, that especially goes for questions)

Before the talk

Audio and video angels should arrive ten minutes before the talk. While the herald is preparing the speaker, the audio and video angels find each other, exchange DECT/GSM numbers and decide who will have which role. In case someone isn't on time Heaven has to be called and a replacement is send.

Important numbers

  • Heaven (1023): angel missing?
  • VOC (1160): video operations center
  • TODO

Further responsibilities

The audio and video angels are responsible for preserving the physical integrity of the technical equipment.

General information about angel work can be found here.