Obai Brause

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Description Making your own sherbet is really easy and not that expensive. OBAI Brause is aiming to give you that crucial caffeine dose you're craving for to get you through the event.

As part of the workshop you'll be able to mix your very own sherbet with ingredients available at the shackspace assembly.

Website(s) http://obai.cutebit.de/
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) food, drink
Tags food, caffeine, chemistry
Processing assembly Shackspace
Person organizing Rash, Rixx
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Starts at 2014/12/27 16:00
Ends at 2014/12/27 17:00
Duration 60 minutes

Starts at 2014/12/28 15:00
Ends at 2014/12/28 17:00
Duration 120 minutes

Starts at 2014/12/29 15:00
Ends at 2014/12/29 17:00
Duration 120 minutes

More information on the OBAI Brause project page.

There's a limited amount of participants per slots, please contact Rixx or Rash.

Location: At the shackspace assembly, by the bar at in the makers corner. Look out for a huge shack banner on the wall.