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Description Again to last year, we will also bring ouer big FlipDot Display to play with it.
Has website https://wiki.muc.ccc.de/flipdot:start
Persons working on RFguy
Tags FlipDot
Located at assembly MuCCC
Other projects...


Have fun with it, we bring the large Display to play graphics and a PC with Kinect camera.

Send UDP to the Panels to use them! (Port 2323) :)

Addresses of the Panels:

Left: 2001:67C:20A1:1095:C49D:E22D:6891:DCD

Middle: 2001:67C:20A1:1095:34B1:6957:8DDB:3A79

Right: 2001:67C:20A1:1095:552A:1594:871F:D9C2

Example: nc 2001:67C:20A1:1095:C49D:E22D:6891:DCD 2323 < <file>