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Description DVB-T on Channel 22, 24, 26 from three location in CCH.

3 Transmitter SLX8000 with EIRP 27 dBm on selfmade J-Antenna. Streaming from all talks will be packed in an ASI Stream.

Has website
Persons working on RFguy
Located at assembly VOC
Other projects...


This will be a test szenary for the 2015 ccc camp. Planed there is also HD Streaming with DVB-T2 standard (Non HVEC). On this event we will test the integration to VOC hardware and use standard DVB-T. The streams will be multiplexed an play out as an ASI Transport Stream with a DecTek 145 dual out ASI PCI card. An ASI multiplier splits this this in three lines and we use installed Video network in the CCH to the transmitter location, on ground, between one and secound flor and also one in thirs flor. Please feel free to use and we also interestet on feeedback.

May be we can use this also for Infoscreens on TV cable network on CCH